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Vetrivel’ directed by Vasantha Mani, is a film that looks like it is tailor-made for Actor & Director Sasi Kumar. The film revolves around Vetrivel (Sasikumar) who tries to help his younger brother marry the girl he loves. His plan leads to a very big collapse. What happens then forms the crux.

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Debutant Vasantha Mani has tried to play a very safe bet in his first film by writing a script that suits his star very well, a role that Sasikumar has played a number of times (or maybe he chose an actor like Sasikumar, for his script which is his type). The director has tried to satisfy the actor’s target audience primarily – the B & C people.

The film begins with a simple yet engrossing sequence, after which the hero’s introduction song (a ‘Super Star’ style song, full of advises & morals) comes from nowhere suddenly. Then, we have a bunch of unnecessary and absurd adolescent jokes about the comedian’s wife that isn’t funny at all, instead making you feel uneasy (sadly, those jokes worked for majority audience :/ ) The romance episode was neither enjoyable nor annoying, with the pretty Mia George who was gorgeous in most scenes. Forty five minutes into the film – towards the interval, the film sets in right pace and starts gaining momentum. There are scenes that remind Sasikumar’s previous films, which the team has tried to make the audience feel disregarding trickily by bringing in the ‘Nadodigal’ gang for a cameo appearance intentionally.

Progressing rightly in its plot, the film moves in a brisk pace in the second half as a blend of ‘rural action’ and ‘family drama’ genres. There are too many flimsy, outdated and ‘run of the mill’ mess in ‘Vetrivel’, still it has its share of good moments. In particular, the family related scenes have worked big time from the beginning. The director seemed to have strived for bringing in those scenes beautifully and has driven the ‘nativity’ factor perfectly. This has been the saving grace of VETRIVEL, in all means! The dialogues were too good in few scenes, especially those speak about caste extremism; surprisingly, the film and its characters tries to sensible in most scenes. ‘Vetrivel’ could have been a very special family entertainer, if the writing was blameless. The second half’s length, predictable narration, the pre-climax episode and the pointlessly violent action sequence in the climax jointly contributes in ruining the ‘entertainment quotient’.

The ensemble cast in ‘Vetrivel’, every other actor has done their part very convincingly. Prabhu has done a fantastic job as the Village President. Veteran actors like Ilavarasu and Renuka are seen in a noteworthy role after a long time, which they had utilized very well. Despite reminding her role in ‘Madha Yaanai Koottam’, Viji Chandrasekhar proved to be a good choice for the antagonist role. All the 3 heroines Mia George, Varsha and Nikhila has got a meaty role and has got good space to perform too. Thambi Ramaiyah evokes laughter in quite a number of scenes, but how many such comedy tracks will he do again and again? I mean, the comedy scenes that involve ‘the wife, sex and eloping’ topic (the same that he did in ‘PULI’ too). Coming to the lead actor Sasikumar, this role is a cakewalk for him since he has played similar kind of roles several times. A protagonist who never knew wrong-doing, speaks philosophies on life & friendship and is always ready to saves others’ love. May be, Sasikumar is not bored of doing such stories again and again; but, we are bored already! Not just limited to that, he continues with the same dialogue delivery with Madurai accent (though the story happens in Tanjore locale), even the same beard! The actor’s pluses are becoming his minuses itself, by overdoing things redundantly!

‘Adiye Unna’ song alone is good in D.Imman’s music, whereas the background score is not so special. Cinematography by Sasikumar’s favourite cinematographer S.R.Kathir needs a special mention for the film’s richness. The too-much of usage of ‘Fade out’ transformation in editing in almost every scene is irritating, over a point of time!

On the whole, ‘Vetrivel’ might enjoy box office success with its target audience of B & C centers, and the film is definitely better than Sasikumar’s previous disasters ‘Kutti Puli’, ‘Bramman’ and ‘Thaarai Thappattai’.

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: A one-time watch entertainer, with middling moments!

Review by: Rahman

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