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*** Spoiler-Free Review ***

Science Fiction’ movies are a rarity in South Indian cinema; whereas, films based on ‘time travel’ concept are even more scarce. How great it would be when someone like Director Vikram Kumar who plays with genres vividly, directs a film on the idea of ‘Time travel’ with a promising star like Suriya? We have Surya playing triple role, ace technicians like A.R.Rahman & Tirru, a very interesting genre and a wonderful captain. What more to ask? The engrossing teaser & trailers doubled and tripled the audience’s expectations. So, how good is the film? Read on, to know!

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After promising films such as the ‘out of the box’ horror thriller YAAVARUM NALAM, the memorable ISHQ and the fantastic family drama MANAM which was based on the concept of reincarnation, Vikram Kumar strikes back with a superb sci-fi action thriller! Audience who enter the cinema hall with loads of expectation, will leave absolutely delighted. #24 is an exceedingly mind-blowing entertainer, the biggest plus point of ‘24’ is its intriguing screenplay with brilliant twists and turns.

Coming to the logic part, the film isn’t flawless and it has its own lags and loopholes; Vikram Kumar has taken some liberty in the credibility and logic stuffs to make this genre and concept even more astounding. Even though there are some minuses, the screenplay gets you hooked for the whole running time. This is one Tamil film in recent times, which you would watch with so much of exciting ‘edge of the seat’ moments and a completely unpredictable play between the protagonist and antagonist. Vikram Kumar has delivered an extra-ordinary ‘time-travel’ movie ever seen in Indian cinema, leaving no stone unturned within this concept.

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The film’s story and the core scenes begins right from the very first frame (people who miss the first 10 minutes can skip the show; it is that important to watch the film from beginning). Towards interval, the film gets so interesting and the Interval block is a stunner that leaves no clues about what could happen next! The second half is a complete roller coaster ride with a very intense mind game. The length might look like a problem due to the stretched romance episode. Over a point of time, we are not able to enjoy the cute romance between Mani and Sathya how funny or lovely it may be, since the seriousness of Aathreya’s scenes are getting spoiled to an extent. The dialogues are simple yet straight-to-the-point. The characterization of Aathreya is very well depicted in each and every scene; the interval block, the Cheque book scene and many other scenes in the second half describes how cunning, cruel and intelligent Aathreya is!

Suriya as an actor & producer has put his heart & soul for this film, which is evidently seen. Suriya who steals the show as Aathreya, has shown good variations in the other two roles Mani & Sethuraman too. This is definitely a significant film in his career, both as an actor & producer; it would be a game-changing attempt in the industry if Suriya & Studio Green decides to fund many more experimental ventures like this (which could lead to redefining the term ‘mass films’, ‘star films’ or ‘high budget commercial films’). Samantha and Nithya Menen has done the right justification in the roles offered. Saranya comes in a prominent role and does an impressive job, as like always. After LINGAA in recent time, A.R.Rahman has delivered a mediocre album; the songs are not so likable except for the rich visuals and the dazzling Surya & Samantha pair. Tirru’s cinematography and A.R.Rahman’s background score are the strong pillars of 24, setting the right mood all through. Prawin Pudi’s sleek cuts are pivotal for such a zig-zag film that moves forth and back often.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: An astounding sci-fi action thriller! Must Watch!

Review by: Rahman

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