@MARUDHU – Movie Review

*** Spoiler-Free Review ***

After the village based action thrillers KUTTI PULI & KOMBAN, Director Muthiah is back with his third film MARUDHU in the same genre and same regional backdrop.

The film is primarily targeted at the ‘C’ centre audience alone; the content and script works that way. Despite being too shallow in content and not offering anything new, the film has some good moments here and there and thereby it entertains mildly in the first half and post-interval scenes. Though the film is briskly paced, it is really hard to sit through the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes of the film which has too much of predictable and boredom moments. The second half has worked highly against the film, with 14326 flashbacks! What saves MARUDHU to an extent is the Appathaa character, some decent family drama and Soori’s comedy.

The film reminds the director’s previous two films a lot – the way the comedy has been treated, the characterization and scenes of the villains, a pivotal character in the family (say the Appathaa character reminding the innocent yet fiery traits of Saranya from KUTTI PULI & Raj Kiran from KOMBAN). The film does have an overdose of many things – too much of clichés, too much of slo-mo shots and unwanted heroic build-ups, too much of rhyming punch dialogues and too much of exaggerated emotions. The first and foremost complaint is the unnecessarily added limitless violence all-through the film. Was there any need for teaching audience on how to do a murder? How many more films will Muthaiah do, based on rural violence? Better Muthiah stops it forever, with this film!

Vishal and Sri Divya does a convincing job with no major complaints; only issue with Vishal is his artificial school-drama style dance steps. The show-stealer of the film is veteran Malayalam actress Kulappulli Leela who appears as Vishal’s Appathaa; she has been a perfect choice and she does score distinctly in many scenes. R.K.Suresh and Radha Ravi has done their part decently. D.Imman’s songs were so poor, whereas the background score was just okayish.

On the whole, MARUDHU is a humdrum rural action thriller that does entertain meagrely, which is targeted primarily at the C centre audience alone!

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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