@KO2 – Movie Review

*** Spoiler-Free Review ***

‘KO 2’ is a political thriller directed by debutant Sarath. It is not a direct sequel of ‘KO’, but is the remake of Telugu movie ‘PRATHINIDHI’.

‘Ko 2’ is a very average entertainer that has a dry screenplay with very less content to impress or engross the audience. The first half is so poor with too much of unwanted / stretched commercial additions, except for some sharp & hard-hitting dialogues. The second half is engaging to an extent, once the flashback begins.

What helps ‘Ko 2’ from becoming a disaster is the last 45 minutes and the presence of an extra-ordinary actor like Prakash Raj. The lethargic writing and making in too many scenes makes it a yawning watch. For such a film that has a great plot, the screenplay should have been much tighter with interesting ideas.

Karunakaran comes in a very small role, but delivers an astounding performance. It is Actor Bobby Simha who was a big plus point in films like NERAM, SOODHU KAVVUM and JIGARTHANDA; but, he is the biggest minus point in films like URUMEEN, BANGALORE DAYS and KO 2. It is high time this National award winning actor should stop imitating Rajinikanth in every other scene and start focusing on selecting good scripts to save his career. His overacting and poor Tamil pronunciation makes his acting even more unbearable (say the first scene where he recites a powerful Bharathiyar song with zero energy). Bala Saravanan’s comedy is not funny at all in most places, but is annoying instead.

On the whole, ‘Ko 2’ might be an entertainer that is once watchable, if you can sit through the boring first half!

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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