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After the success of ‘Darling’ last year, G.V.Prakash Kumar and Director Sam Anton has joined hands for the second time with ‘Enakku Innoru Per Irukku’. Director Sam Anton seems to have decided that he will engage his audience in whatever ways possible, if he cannot doing it with a tight script. He has taken the help of a huge cast, a number of adult jokes, some mindless fun, references to a number of popular actors and films including the recent Kabaali, Baahubali, Puli, 24, Vedalam, Premam (even the ‘Martha’ from Batman vs Superman) and much more; in many scenes. This has worked to a certain extent where the audience are enjoying most of them; though the film is not a thorough entertainer, it engages the audience for its running time despite a few boring moments. It is evident that the dialogues have been modified or added in dubbing and there are continuity errors in too many scenes.

G.V.Prakash is trying to improvise himself atleast a little in every film; the only major complaint is his annoying and dumbly dance which is never in sync with the music. ‘Temple Monkeys’ Vijay Varadharaj who has forayed into the Kollywood industry, has done a good job scoring applauses with his one-liners. Krishnan Vasanth’s cinematography is the actual hero of ‘Enakku Innoru Per Irukku’, which makes the film look so rich. Songs by G.V.Prakash are quite average, whereas the background score was a plus point.  

Overall, EIPI is a worthy entertainer that is unharmfully funny; could have been much better in terms of scripting.

Rating: 2.75/5

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‘Muthina Kathirika’ directed by Sundar.C’s assistant Venkat Raghavan, is the remake of the Malayalam blockbuster movie ‘Velli Moonga’ which was the second highest grosser of the year 2014 in Kerala. When we hear that someone like Sundar.C is acting in the remake of a comedy film like ‘Velli Moonga’, it is natural for anyone to expect a great entertainer as the end product. But, what the team has offered is so meagre! 😦

Venkat Raghavan has used the most tested & routine success formula of Sundar.C in Muthina Kathirika i.e., excess amount of ‘Humour + Glamour’. Though the director has sticked to 80% of the original version, he has made certain changes also – removed few characters and scenes, added few characters like that of Yogi Babu’s, added a lot of glamour factor to the heroine and her mother (yes, you read it right!). Some of these changes have resulted in few laugh-aloud moments, whereas most of them have failed disastrously. There are few likable ideas such as the Coffee scene which depicts Muthu Pandi’s character, but those are episodic and are rarely seen.

Sundar.C is a perfect choice replacing Biju Menon in the lead role, but he has nothing noteworthy to do in such a below average script. Poonam Bhajwa plays the role of a young lady, but she looks like a 30+ aged aunty in most of the scenes. There are a number of comedy actors including Singam Puli, Sathish, VTV Ganesh, Sriman and many more, but they just struggle to make the audience laugh except few like Yogi Babu who does not fail to lit the laughter roll.

On the whole, ‘Muthina Kathirika’ is a comedy film that rarely serves its purpose.

Rating: 2.25/5

Reviews by: Rahman

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