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Watched the Marathi movie ‘Sairat‘ yesterday, which is being highly appreciated by a lot of film critics and social activists.

Sairat‘ is a love story which speaks about the love of a low-caste boy and a high class girl, where their society tells they cannot live together. In simple words, it is a modernized version of the Tamil classic movie ‘Kadhal‘ which released 12 years ago; the story and majority portions looks much similar. The first half shows the contemporary rural love so beautifully with an awesome music and cinematography. The second half shows how the eloped young couple suffer without their parents’ support, hiding in a neighbor state with no one to take care. When they find a shelter hosted by a kind woman, the differences between them rises its ugly head.

The biggest plus point of ‘Sairat‘ is its casting, the detailing on the scripting part and the efforts taken by the team to bring in an authentic feel in every other frame. Whereas the minus is its length (we cannot avoid the feel that the film would have been much crisper), the pace in the second half where there are some middling moments; also, there are some scenes where we feel like the drama and romance is a little overdone.

Very few directors knew the art of making wonders happen in a very ordinary scene or shot, Director Nagraj Manjule seems to be a pro in it. That is what makes this film an epic! He does a lot of classy touches all-through the film, right from the scenes where Parshya gives his love letter to Archi till the ‘living together’ scenes in the second half. She does not know to cook, he does not worry about it and does not hesitates to cook for her until she learns. He works so cool in the roadside food stall, whereas she struggles to learn / adapt into everything. She does not like the stinky slum environment and she misses her home and affluent lifestyle a lot. There are a lot of misunderstanding and a little ego between them. But still, amidst all odds, they both knew that they cannot live without each other! Another best thing about ‘Sairat‘ is that music has been used very effectively as a part of storytelling; such a brilliant soundtrack by Ajay – Atul.

The climax scene of ‘Sairat‘ leaves the audience stunned and speechless! The final shot will leave a very disturbing impact on the viewers. Knowing that such issues are still prevalent in our country even today itself, will bring ample pain and anger into you! (I could not just stop thinking of the Udamalaipet honour killing incident, in the climax)

Sairat‘ is a MUST WATCH for people who love to watch unconventional attempts.

Rating: 4/5

Review by: Rahman

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