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Metro‘ directed by Anandakrishnan talks about one of the most important issues in Chennai, Bangalore and many other metropolitan cities – chain snatching! The film has been inspired by many true incidents and it shows in detail about the chain snatchers and their routine. The film also displays the inner self of these criminals and their motives for choosing to be so.

Director Anandakrishnan has to be appreciated for choosing such a plot and making a film on it boldly. It is a movie that targets at providing the ‘much needed’ awareness, where we do see plenty of news on chain snatching and robbery in the television and magazines every day. The film directly and indirectly alarms us on how cautious we should be! The direction team has done a lot of research about the chain snatching mafia, their thumb-rules, their list of DOs and DONTs, how they choose their prey and how they plan and operate. It is really good to see young directors making films sensibly with just what their script demands, without any forcibly added songs or stretched romance portion.

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The first half does begin captivatingly and then it is a racy play till the interval. The interval scene is brilliant and sets very good expectations over the second half. The second half happens to be quite usual and a little draggy, with some predictable moments and unconvincing scenes in terms of logic and believability. The climax was so quick and a typical one, pulling the film’s standard down. The family drama and emotions are not much appealing anywhere, which could have been written and executed in a better model.

Uthaya Kumar‘s cinematography and Johan‘s music was indeed a notable strength to the narration. The dialogues were good in several scenes, such as ‘Unakku Gandhi pidikkumaa, Hitler pidikkumaa?Bobby Simha has delivered a striking performance with a commanding body language and dialogue delivery as Gunaa; his reactions in the final scene deserves a mention. Casting in the other roles were neither so good nor complain-able, with some hiccups in pivotal scenes.  With some more attention and care on casting and scripting, ‘Metro‘ could have been a very important film of this year! Nevertheless, it is a highly appreciative attempt that should be watched by every woman and all Metro citizens.

Verdict – A racy thriller with a much-needed awareness!

Rating: 3.25/5

Review by: Rahman

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