@DhillukkuDhuddu – Movie Review

There are a minimum of 3 to 4 horror / horror-comedy movies releasing every month; the worst part is that most of these films are neither scary nor funny, but a very cheap way that the filmmakers choose to make money out of ‘good for nothing’ scripts. So, how good is ‘Dhillukku Duddu’, the recent release of Santhanam which is his third film as a hero? Read on, to know!

Kumar (Santhanam) and Kajal (Shanaya) are in love since childhood, but her father (Saurabh Shukla) does not like his daughter’s love with a poor guy. He plans to kill Kumar taking the help of a goon head (‘Mottai’ Rajendran). What happens then forms the crux of ‘Dhillukku Duddu’.

The film begins with a fictional story of a Tibetain king, which makes us feel that it is going to be a film which is different from every other horror-comedy films; but, the director implies it has got nothing unconventional in few minutes itself. 10 minutes into the film, we are introduced to the heroine’s ludicrous schooldays flashback which she claims to be her love, followed by hero’s introduction song which comes out of nowhere, which is followed by the romance episode, a stunt sequence and a lot more things which are placed out of the script that tries to contribute to Santhanam’s hero image; this continues pointlessly until the interval block, despite a few scenes and one-liners that could make you giggle.

Bearing the puerile climax, the second half is the saviour of ‘Dhillukku Duddu’ which has some extremely hilarious moments for which the whole theatre bursts out in laughter. Literally the director has tried to present a regular ‘Santhanam’ film for his fans, where he mocks and makes fun of everyone around, the only difference being he mocks ghosts also here.

The primary problem with ‘Dhillukku Duddu’ is Santhanam unfortunately! It is no doubt that he is the one who keeps hold of the audience till the end. But, it is his act of choosing scripts that lacks completeness and his stand on becoming a hero or continuing to be a comedian in these films in which he is the protagonist. As an actor or a hero, Santhanam is getting better by every film; but by choosing such mediocre scripts, he is unable to satisfy his target audience wholly. Having an entertainer like Santhanam aboard in the lead role, anyone would expect a film that is engrossing thoroughly, at-least a film like ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiyaa’ that keeps the audience entertained mindlessly; that way, ‘Dhillukku Duddu’ is disappointing to an extent.

Other than Santhanam, Saurabh Shukla, Anandaraj and ‘Mottai’ Rajendran scores in every scene that they appear. Karunas and T.M.Karthik does a pretty decent job. Heroine Shanaya is the biggest minus of this film, who is too poor at acting & lip sync and it looks like she is a complete stranger to Tamil. None of the songs in Thaman’s music was worth-mentioning. Deepak Kumar Padhy’s cinematography was remarkable in a number of scenes.

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: ‘Dhillukku Duddu’ tickles in bits and parts. The second half is the saving grace!

Review by: Rahman

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