Ice Age: Collision Course & The Secret Life of Pets – Short Review

Ice Age: Collision Course

‘ICE AGE’ is one the most exciting animation movie franchise in the past 2 decades. Though the recent releases in this franchise does not have much of content but goals only at making the audience laugh, the craze and love for this franchise and its characters never fades out. 🙂

‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ is one film that falls under the category of ‘neither so good nor too bad’. It does manage to entertain and engage the audience for its running time with some good laughter here and there frequently. I was able to enjoy it thoroughly, since I stepped in with zero expectations.

‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ is certainly recommendable for people who loves the ‘Ice Age’ series and for those who wants to see Sid, Manny & Diego once again in the big screen. Others can either try it or skip it.

250.Ice Age  Collision - Course & The Secret Life of Pets – Short Review.jpg
The Secret Life of Pets

‘The Secret Life of Pets
’ film was advertised with the catchy phrase ‘Ever wonder what your pets do, when you are not at home?’ The trailer was also quite impressive, promising to be a very uniquely entertaining animation movie.

‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is not a path-breaking movie, but it is a film that is definitely enjoyable. There are those common animation clichés in characterizations and scenes, but the cute, funny and lovable pets in the film makes you forgot all of them. It is such a sweet film that you will start liking the characters and their traits so much, in no time. If you are someone who owns / have owned a pet, this film will be even more close to your heart!

Reviews by: Rahman

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