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‘Kabali’, the most expected and much hyped film of the year has hit the screens today. ‘Super Star’ Rajinikanth has joined hands with a very young director like Ranjith after a very long time, who was just 2 films old. From the day of first look release to teaser release and songs release, ‘Kabali’ was the talk of the town in the past few months. The ‘Kabali’ fever and craze had reached its peak to the level of corporate companies announcing holiday for the film’s release. So, how good is the film? Is it worth all the hype? Has Ranjith managed to fulfil the expectations of the audience? Read on, to know!

‘Kabali’ is the story of a man who returns from prison after 25 years of imprisonment, fighting for the rights and equality of his tribe people.

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‘Kabali’ tries to speak primarily about the suppression of Tamil people all over the world in terms of authority and esteem; the film also deals with caste / racial discrimination. It is a film with a noble intention, which has failed in the process of trying to pack it as a film with class and mass moments for its star’s status. The writing is so conventional and also convenient at most places (the logic in many scenes have been just taken for granted), there are some pivotal scenes where predictability spoils the show and there are lot other minuses in writing (characterizations) and the way it is filmed!

‘Kabali’ does have some good attributes to look for, such as the Super Star’s performance, the stunt scenes, few striking dialogues and the technical excellence. Director Ranjith does uses some brilliant reference of political leaders who have fought against social discrimination all-through the film (a dialogue that tells about Ambedkar and Gandhiji’s way of fighting against discrimination through their dressing style, the 25 years of imprisonment can be taken as a reference to Nelson Mandela – another important leader who fought against racism, the climax scene can be taken as a reference to Gandhiji – THESE ARE ALL JUST MY ASSUMPTIONS 😛 ). Murali.G’s cinematography does contribute a lot to the film’s richness and Praveen.K.L’s editing helps the film move on a steady pace. Santhosh Narayanan’s extraordinary background score takes a dip here and there.

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The biggest minus point of ‘Kabali’ is the characterization of the villains and the way their traits are shown – right from the style of those characters’ introduction in the title card (which is actually beaten to death in Tamil cinema that we have seen in ‘n’ number of commercial films). The villains are too weak to be menacing, that the script demands! Another primary problem with the film is its inconsistency in the flow and few elements that are overdone! The emotions in the first half are very well etched out and are touching, whereas the emotional scenes in second half looks artificial and overcooked. Over a point of time, the emotions part look cheesy that it would make you question the necessity of such long scenes for Kumudhavalli’s character in the second half (which makes the screenplay meander for a while). There are some mass scenes and dialogues in the film that does not work well at all and looks as if it is placed just for the sake of it. The emotions of the suppressed people in the film also does not reach the audience impact-fully anywhere, due to some weak characterizations (Umaa) and poor performances. In some scenes, we feel like Ranjith has lost somewhere in the idea of making a film of his own style or Super Star’s style.

Coming to performance, it is Rajinikanth who is the strongest pillar of Kabali. If it is not for his charm, style and superb performance, the film would have been just below average. Director Ranjith has been successful in bringing out the ‘Mullum Malarum’ style acting from him. I felt like that his eye-brows and hands were even acting; such a flawless acting with perfect body language. He was adorable in each and every frame. Even people who might not like this film also would think about watching it again for the sake of enjoying Super Star’s acting. An excellent actress like Radhika Apte has been under-utilized in a meagre role, there are problems in lip sync too in few scenes. Sai Dhansika and ‘Attakathi’ Dinesh have done their part in a convincing manner.

Rating: 3/5

Bottom-line: A middling entertainer that is saved by Rajinikanth alone. The audience deserved much better, to say the least!

Review by: Rahman

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2 thoughts on “@KABALI – Movie Review”

  1. Pa. Ranjith Mela Oru periya mariyadhai irundhuchu. Kabali movie pathadhum adhu poiduchu. Ellarum jadhi ya Marandhutu otrumaya dhan irukanga. Indha Padam thoondi Vidura madhiri irukku.
    Unga jadhi ya pathi perumaya Padam edukanum Na adha eduthu Unga veetla Neenga mattum potu parunga mr.ranjith. Don’t mislead the youngsters.
    Shame on you.

    Few scenes where Ranjith used his caste reference:

    Rajini reading “my father balaiah-a book about Dalit uplift” at jail.
    John Vijay’s getup remembers thirumamavalavan.
    Using Ambedkar’s name in several scenes.
    Ulagam oruvanukka song lyrics.

    And one more echa scene “kattuna podavayoda enkuda vandhuttaa” Idhu Edhuku????? Ella ponnunga kitayum potu kaati avangala Veeta vitu velila vara solli avala pethavangala asinga paduthuradhuka???

    Caste politics pathina awareness movie epdi irukanum theriyuma?
    Watch URIYADI movie. That’s what called as social awareness. Pa.ranjith’s Kabali is a shit.


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