Thoughts on ‘Kidaari’…

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Sasikumar’s ‘Kidaari’ directed by Debutante Prasath Murugesan is yet another rural action thriller in Sasikumar’s style, but the film wins in its treatment. It is a commercial entertainer with a conventional story that is told unconventionally. The film is a revenge saga with the shades of films like ‘Nandha‘ and ‘Bheema’. Despite the fact that the plot, few characters and scenes might remind you of few popular Tamil films, the film is engaging by the way it is presented. The non-linear narration, casting, extra-ordinary cinematography and background score makes ‘Kidaari’ unique and watchable. The twist towards the end was quite unpredictable.

‘Kidaari’ excels in nativity and the way its characters are established & developed. The film does not have a racy pace or a great game, so the director unfolds Kombiah Pandian’s past and his rivals’ stories as episodes to make it interesting for the audience. However, the same turns to be a detriment when we see too many flashbacks with too-much of character introductions (the disproportionate usage of voice-overs in almost every scene could also have been avoided). Except for the songs at regular intervals which acts as speed breakers and excessive blood and violence, ‘Kidaari’ does not have any major negatives for a common man who wants a commercial entertainer.

There are few things in the film that are very brilliantly handled; the authenticity in the character sketches, casting and the whole village set-up is too good. Prasath Murugesan seems to be a promising debut, very particularly in technical aspects and making. He is a director, to watch out for! Writer & Actor Vela Ramamurthy is the show-stealer in ‘Kidaari’, who has delivered a spectacular and believable performance. Following the memorable performances in ‘Madha Yaanai Kootam’ & ‘Paayum Puli’, Vela Ramamurthy has done an outstanding job once again. If this man and his potential is well-used by directors, Tamil film industry will have a great actor to celebrate forever! S.R.Kathir’s cinematography is just stunning and it is the biggest asset of the film. Debutante Darbuka Siva’s work in songs and background score is highly impressive.

Kidaari’ is a pretty decent commercial film that does entertain sufficiently. The film will be enjoyed much by people who love rural action films.


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