Janatha Garage…

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#JanathaGarage – This film has got everything to make it a blockbuster, but is all let down due to poor writing. The film has a pretty decent plot to make the best use of 2 big stars for a good commercial film. Unfortunately, most of its running time is spent out of the script in unwanted songs and scenes that takes the film nowhere (both ‘Rock on Bro’ song & ‘Apple Beauty’ song could have been butchered without giving a second thought). Even the two fight scenes in 1st half are also not that impressive. The 2 hours 50 minutes length is also a big minus point.

Most of the scenes in the film are just mere gap-fillers which do not add value to the script, by any means. At every turning point in the film where we expect the film to gain momentum, the director disappoints us with a pretty average scene. Both the heroines Samantha & Nithya Menon has also been wasted in ‘good for nothing’ roles. The only relief in the whole film is the acting and screen presence of Mohan Lal & Junior NTR, the dialogues in a couple of scenes and ‘Pakkaa Local’ song featuring Kajal Agarwal.

Janatha Garage’ is not an unendurable Telugu masala film that could irritate you or make you run out of the cinema hall. Thankfully, the film does not have much boring moments or annoying background score or loud & lengthy punch dialogues. It is a film that you can choose to watch, if you do not have any other option to kill time. Nothing more than that!


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