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**** Spoilers Ahead ****

#Irumugan is just another poorly executed commercial film, where all the efforts of a committed actor like Vikram have been squandered with a deplorable script. The first half of the film is fairly engaging and it does set good expectations over the second half; whereas the second half is completely disappointing with a miserable writing. The plot is not anything novel or innovative except for the ‘Speed drug’ concept (which we had seen in too many Hollywood films and Tamil films like Kamal’s ‘Vikram’ – even the scene where Meera is shot dead reminds ‘Vikram’ movie).

‘Irumugan’ is a film that is more focused on style and glossy stuffs and is of very less content. Looks like Director Anand Shankar wanted to give a very usual story as a sci-fi thriller, with a great technical team and casting crew. The film has a spectacular performance by Vikram in two roles with completely  contrasting shades, Nayanthara looking so stylish and hot, R.D.Rajasekar’s fabulous cinematography, good background score by Harris Jayaraj (despite being repetitive), cohesive team work in art-direction and costume designing too. But, how could that alone save such an average script? Even the fight scenes are not so impressive, except the action block in the interval. Thambi Ramaiyah’s comedy evokes laughter rarely and irritates mostly (especially in some crucial scenes where humour looks forcefully added).

The whole film is so flat and uninspiring; even the most important scenes such as where Akilan confronts Love aren’t so special or memorable. It is indeed a boring film with full of puerile ‘undercover operations’, wretched ‘escape plans’ and ‘chemistry class’ type theories. The film begins with clichés and age-old scenes (example – a RAW agent asks, ‘whom are we going to choose for this mission?’ and the chief replies, ‘the best in our team’ followed by the Hero’s introduction scene) and it continues till the end. There are some silly scenes like the Doctor Peter agreeing to confess everything suddenly for no reason, and explaining things that Akilan did not questions too. The songs are very average and are poorly placed (the dance movements in ‘Halena’ song is unintentionally funny, is that for me alone?) The film gets into the ‘unbearable’ mode, 15 minutes post-interval. We are able to predict each and every scene in the second half; adding to it, the scenes are executed in such a way that gives you a lot of ‘face palm’ moments. Calling the second half of ‘Irumugan’ as the heights of lazy writing and convenient filmmaking would be an understatement! 😦 I have not seen any film in recent times with these many logical lags and lazy writing (in the name of cinematic liberties). There are few scenes where the audience are given so much details about some small things; contrastingly, there is no backstory or proper reasoning at many vital points.

‘Irumugan’ is one such film ‘taking the audience for granted’ and insulting their intelligence by placing so many dumb scenes. Few logical lags that made me think so was: the twist regarding Meera’s death and the way it is revealed, the jail scene where LOVE escapes, the cops shown in the film who were not even able to aim and shoot properly – not even a single time 😛 In a scene, the cops take almost half-an-hour to open a locked door, in the meantime, LOVE and Akilan escapes 😀 LOVE will not be able to hear anything when Meera & Akilan speaks in walkie-talike but hear everything when Akilan alone speaks.. Meera tells Akilan that they have only 20 minutes to stop the flight but what they do then is taking their own sweet time to finish shaving and coming by a city bus 😛 LOVE, one of the most wanted criminals in INTERPOL list behaves like a local goon – he comes to hospital himself in disguise as a nurse to kill a minister – how he kills him is atrociously funny 😀

As per the story of ‘Irumugan’, people who use the inhaler & drug manufactured by LOVE will become 10 times more stronger physically. To enjoy or watch ‘Irumugan’ without any complaints, each and every audience would probably need the support of such an inhaler 😦

Dear Vikram,
It is high-time you must listen to the full script and choose films based on the script value rather than just looking at your role or the scope for performance alone. We do not want anymore Rajapaattai, Kandhasamy, Thaandavam, 10 Endrathukulla or Irumugan!

– Rahman

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