#Thodari directed by Prabhu Solomon is no different from the director’s previous works – it is a romance drama thriller alike ‘Mynaa’, ‘Kumki’ & ‘Kayal’ which follows almost the same type of screenplay and narration style. As like those films, comedy has been the biggest plus point of ‘Thodari’ too. There are those templated songs, overdose of drama, exaggerated love feelings and a kind-of annoying way of the hero describing the heroine and his love for her repititively (usuru, idi, minnal, mazhai, paravi kidakkaa, ulukki edukkuraa, blah blah).

Thodari’ has heavy inspirations of the 2010 Hollywood release ‘Unstoppables’, which Prabhu Solomon has presented in his tested & tried formula. The film has some really good tensed moments here and there (the scene where the Security loses his gun, the scene where the ALP & guard misses the train and a few other scenes) which keeps the audience engrossed in most parts despite huge minuses all through the film. After ‘Mynaa’ & ‘Kumki’, the combination of Thambi Ramaiah and Prabhu Solomon has worked out very well; the whole theater bursts out in laughter very often. Radharavi & Keerthi Suresh have delivered a commendable performance (regardless of the fact that Keerthi Suresh appears in a typical ‘Tamil cinema loosu ponnu’ character). Dhanush has done a convincing job in his part (which is just an extended cameo except for the songs); between, does the script really demand someone like Dhanush for the role of Poochiyappan which does not have any scope to perform at all? Dialogues were simple and neat, aptly written for the situations such as ‘It is just good and bad in humans, no other partitions’.

The biggest minus point of ‘Thodari’ is its horrible CG work which makes the character and the whole setup look so unreal, spoiling the viewer’s cinema experience to a great extent. Such a script where the CG work was supposed to be its soul, demanded a lot of hard work, time & budget; but in Thodari, everything looks so hurried and mediocrely done. The other major flaws are logical lapses, predictability, forcefully added songs and humour in unwanted scenes. In the whole second half, Dhanush stands, fights, sings and dances so cool on the roof a train which runs in a speed of 120kmph, as if he is standing inside an air-conditioned MTC bus :/ There are some more face palm moments and laughter stock scenes in the second half, which will contribute a lot for the meme makers in social media. The placement of songs was also awful (especially the duet in pre-climax episode after an intense scene); few comedy one-liners in some crucial scenes were also equally irritating.

Thodari’ is not a regretful watch at all. It is a better film than ‘Kayal’ and a better script than ‘Kumki’ by all means. A one-time watchable film, if you can bear a few irksome moments.


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