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Hollywood makes a minimum of 10 biopic every year, but only a very few of them are filmed justifiably to the true stories. ‘Sully’ is one such biopic that is so inspiring; watching the other side of the Hudson miracle story where a hero had to prove himself is a riveting experience.

The story of Captain Chesley Sullenberger had all chances of falling into a pit of clichés and becoming yet another uninspiring ordinary film; it is the master filmmaker Clint Eastwood who had made sure that every aspect of this film is strikingly great. Even at the age of 86, Clint Eastwood is too busy and focused on delighting his audience with flawlessly unforgettable films! One cannot stop admiring this genius filmmaker who is more into doing soulful films alone continuously all through his long career.

Tom Hanks
 has delivered a solid performance (one of his career-best) as Captain Sully. It is his acting that backbones the whole movie, helping in understanding the character’s nuanced emotions and elevating the viewer’s feelings. Look out for the climax public hearing scene and the scenes where he knows that all 155 passengers are alive and the most crucial water crash scene.

‘SULLY’ – Not to be missed!


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