Aandavan Kattalai…

Any filmmaker does have the biggest responsibility of reflecting society in his / her p, at least in a marginal way. If making films that speak about the common man’s issues in an entertaining manner is an art, then Director Manikandan is mastering that skill by every single film. All his 3 films (Kaaka Muttai, Kutrame Thandanai & Aandavan Kattalai) are of different genres and variety, but does have one thing in common – matured social thoughts! Congrats to Director Manikandan on his hattrick success; I wish he continues to make such finest films always 🙂 I have become a big fan of this man and his works!

Aandavan Kattalai is a film that will intrigue you right from the first scene, the simple yet impressive title design and the title song lyrics which gives an idea on what the film is all about. The film speaks sarcastically about human’s nature of trying to get things done through shortcuts. The film also deals with many other issues such as the house owners’ ridiculous rules, conditions & preferences, the increasing number of divorce cases in courts, the harassment & violence on women, the plight of refugees, the loopholes in law that advocates & cops use as a regular practice and many other such things. Manikandan’s humour sense has been very well established in the Visa interview scene and most portions in second half.

The characterizations in the film were very unique and interesting; the scenes like where Nesan the Sri Lankan friend confesses and surrenders to police are so moving. The dialogues were remarkable in every scene with many funny one-liners and some striking lines such as ‘Madras la paattiye kidaiyaadhu, ellaame aunty dhan’ ‘Vellaikaaran irundha varaikkum, Gandhi safe ah dhan irundhaaru’. Aandavan Kattalai which takes-off as a complete comedy entertainer, takes a turn with some intense moments in the second half and ends with a satisfying ‘feel-good’ content. The only minus that I felt was the uninteresting 15 minutes before interval. Secondarily, Ritika Singh looked as a miscast for the role of Karmegha Kuzhali with a horrible make-up; audience who loved her as Madhu in Irudhi Suttru will be disappointed to see her in such a small role.

Aandavan Kattalai highly boasts of a terrific casting! It is not just Vijay Sethupathi, Nasser as the master / director, Pooja Devariya as theatre artist, Singampuli as the house-broker, Vinodhini as Junior Lawyer, George as the Senior Lawyer and the actress who was seen as Karmegha Kuzhali’s mother has also done a great job. Even actors like Cheenu Mohan and the Judge who appear in very small roles have nailed it! Hats off to Vijay Sethupathi for not getting stuck to an image or any circle, so that he is able to contribute to and lift such genuine projects. Yogi Babu is the show-stealer of the first half; he owns the first 45 minutes himself. Yogi Babu does not even needs to speak or crack any jokes, the whole theatre laughs just by looking at him itself. He is emerging as one of the best comedy artists undoubtedly; if he is well-utilised, he will go places for sure!

Aandavan Kattalai – A sensible dramedy entertainer 🙂


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