Pink (2016)

Undeniably, #PINK is not a yet another court-room drama or a social thriller; it is a film that will stay with the viewer at-least for a couple of days! This remarkable film directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury does not just talks about woman’s consent in terms of intercourse (whether she is your girlfriend or wife or friend or a prostitute), but talks in detail about the presumed thoughts that men and the society have on women and puts-forth a lot of questions on how our boys are brought up. The film does give a tight-slap to the viewers as we all consider ourselves broad-minded, but we are not actually!

‘PINK’ is a much needed film of the hour, where we see attacks and abuses on women very frequently in the news. The whole film revolves around an incident where the audience are not revealed about it completely until the end credits, but still the film will keep you hooked till the climax. The film begins with a tension right from the first frame, which continues to exist in every other scene. The film does enlighten the audience on things like ‘Zero FIR’ and the fact that women and minors can get bail for non-bailable offences too; ‘PINK’ also does deal with the topic of ill-treatment / unequal approach towards citizens from the North East. The conversation of the cop who comes in the initial scenes and the cop from Surajkund who makes a fake pre-dated FIR and the advocate character played by Piyush Mishra shows us the dirty faces of our society. The dialogues are strikingly sharp – say the final one ‘a NO is a NO’, the rules of the ‘Girl’s safety manual‘ and how the terms and conditions of dressing and drinking differs only for woman. The first half of PINK is a nail-biting thriller, whereas the second half is a compelling court-room drama. The only minus that I felt in the whole film was the scenes of Deepak Shegal‘s wife in hospital, which seemed to be needlessly added and it did not complement any value to the script at all (but just unsettled the film’s steady pace).


The biggest plus -point of ‘PINK’ is the incomparably outstanding performance of Amitabh Bachchan. The genius actor ‘Big B’ speaks, reacts, argues and breathes as Deepak Sehgal the aged advocate who had quit due to medication. His inability to be active / brisk due to ageing, his fear and trembling when he is unable to do anything about Minal being abducted in a car, his love and care for his unwell wife, his subtle sarcasm when he objects to Dumpy‘s statement calling it out as an ‘awkward performance’ & calling the Surajkund cop as a ‘Super Woman’ and while asking Rajveer to remove his hands off his pocket and in all the arguments in the court, Amitabh proves that there is no one yet to surpass him in acting! All other actors including Taapsee Pannu (as Minal), Andrea Tariang (as Andrea), Kirti Kulhari (as Falak), Dhritiman Chatterjee (as the Judge) and Piyush Mishra have done a fantastic job in delivering an intense performance that often makes us forget that we are in a cinema hall.

‘PINK’ is one of the best films of the year and is an unmissable gem! Do watch it theaters!

P.S: The film is being played with English subtitles in most cities in India

– Rahman

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