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It is quite natural for any actor to try his luck in masala action films, after establishing himself to his audience. Vijay Sethupathi has tried to do that through ‘Rekka’, which is a humdrum commercial potboiler that we are seeing since ages.

The film does remind Vijay’s ‘Shahjahan’ in its core plot and has resemblances of Lingusamy’s ‘Paiyaa’. The director has not strained much for the screenplay or tried to write an interesting ‘cat and mouse’ game between the hero and villains. We are told a lot about each and every villain in the film right from the beginning, either it be ‘Madurai Manikkavasagam’ or the local goon David whose marriage is stopped by the hero or the would-be of the heroine from Coimbatore; but what they all do is just challenging the hero with punch dialogues and getting whacked by him badly in the climax.

Most of the pivotal scenes look too outdated and illogical. Almost every scene involving Lakshmi Menon, her over-acting, characterization and make-up were remorseful. The duet songs that come for no reason and the looks of VJS in the songs are a big let-down. Regardless of these minuses, the director has managed to present the film with very less boring moments; thanks to the racy screenplay. The saving graces of the film are the ‘Selvam – Mala Akkaa’ flashback, the scenes involving K.S.Ravikumar and of course the biggest strength of the film is actor Vijay Sethupathi who has given his best in his part in his first ever masala action avatar! It is really amusing to see VJS uttering punch lines in his own style like ‘Kaappu pottavan mattum dhaan adippaanaa enna?’ ‘David, naan un life ku oru advice sollattumaa? Build-up koraichuttu, straight ah matter ku vaa’ Songs by D.Imman are pretty average, however the background score is impressive.

‘Rekka’ is a film that I will not recommend my friend or someone. But still, if you do not have anything good to kill time, this could be a tolerable masala entertainer.

– Rahman

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