If you step into the theatre with expectations of watching a sensible entertainer after seeing the promising trailer and promos of ‘Remo’, you would be disappointed definitely. ‘Remo’ is yet another ordinary comedy film that tries to tickle its audience not by a worthy script but by its gimmicks alone that are ‘beaten to death’ in Tamil cinema. :/

The film has the regular ‘hero trying to impress heroine’ template, with the hero’s smart acts, friends’ love advice and comedy, TASMAC song, jokes and dialogues on girls etc., The only difference in ‘Remo’ is that Siva Karthikeyan is seen in a lady get-up. We have seen several films in Tamil where the hero impersonates as someone else to spend time with daughter or to get a house for rent or to get a job for survival (Avvai Shanmugi, Aanazhagan, Nadigan). In ‘Remo’, even the reason for impersonation is nothing new, but just to impress the heroine somehow (which Siva Karthikeyan does in every other film).

With this plot (that has good scope for entertainment if the writing is better) and having such an actor like Siva Karthikeyan who has got a very big fan base, the director could have easily delivered a commercial film that would be loved by everyone. Instead, the director had only tried to get claps by mentioning ‘Super Star’ & ‘Thala’ reference and placing needless comments on women and their insincerity in love in every scene (as if men are all saints).

The first half is engaging to an extent regardless of the wandering moments. Whereas, the second half is so poorly written with sickening love philosophies, too many songs that are worthlessly added as gap-fillers alone and scenes that hardly tries to evoke laughter. One would wonder why Siva Karthikeyan did chose to do such a script that has nothing fresh or original with a flat screenplay that has no twists and turns. In such a middling entertainer, enjoying the work of ace cinematographer P.C.Sreeram and Anirudh is also not possible.

‘Remo’ is a passable film that you would not hate but it is not a film that you will completely like too; Siva Karthikeyan saves it single-handedly from becoming a disaster. A film with all style and no content! 😦


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