As like the trailer promised, ‘Devi’ is not a yet another ‘horror comedy’ movie; the film is a refreshing entertainer. In fact, it has everything as a package in perfect proportion that a commercial movie-goer would expect. The film might have a very routine style of narration, but the plus point is that every commercial factor in the script has worked very effectively. There are a few scenes that had a little over-done drama, but that is ignorable.

The biggest plus point of ‘Devi’ is the casting. There cannot be a better film for the comeback of an entertaining star like Prabhu Deva. ‘Devi’ is a delightful treat for all his fans who enjoyed seeing him in the screen in the 1990s films. Director A.L.Vijay must be appreciated for making the best use of the star, understanding his pluses and minuses as a performer. PrabhuDeva scores in every area possible whether it is dancing, emotions, romance or comedy. The whole theatre goes crazy for his comical reactions and expressions. It is so pleasing to see the star doing what he is best at; wish he does many more films that entertains the audience. Tamannah has an equal share of responsibility in making the film as amusing as it is; she has tried her best in doing that.

The first half of ‘Devi’ is thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable, whereas the second half does not loses its momentum despite a few lags. There are a number of scenes where the audience laugh out loud, such as the scenes where PrabhuDeva imagines about his reaction to his grandma in his marriage, his colleague saying that she is single and his conversation with Raj Khanna’s manager once the film is wrapped and the dialogues like when PrabhuDeva asks ‘Padathula kuzhandhainga irukkaangalaa?’. The most appreciable thing about ‘Devi’ is that unlike other horror comedy films, it does not use any cheap thrills to scare its audience or has any forcefully added awkward comedy scenes. Even though the story is not anything novel, there is no usual clichés or stereotypes of a horror movie; there have been an honest approach on the scripting and filming part. The characterizations, the screenplay, the dialogues are all convincingly written. RJ Balaji has been a great value addition, making the audience ROFL very frequently.

The other minuses in the film are the songs that come at regular interval. The casting, locations, few actors with poor lip-sync, pitiable song lyrics and the whole setup that gives us the feel of watching a dubbed film rather than a multilingual film. Bearing these minuses, ‘Devi’ is a film that is worth your time and money. Nevertheless to say, it is far better than the other two films that released for Pooja holidays!


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