PARCHED (2016)

Parched (produced by actor Ajay Devgn) is one of the best films that I saw in the recent times, it is such a gritty women-centric drama that Bollywood has witnessed ever! The film is all about four Rajasthani women from a very backward village, the men in their life who either abuse or ill-treat them always, their thoughts on sex and life and all their struggle in their despicable routine.

Parched’ excels almost in every department right from the writing & characterizations, the extra-ordinary casting and the spectacular cinematography & editing! (The Cinematographer of ‘Parched’ is none other than Russell Carpenter whose work has been much celebrated in ‘Titanic’, ‘True Lies’, ‘21’, ‘Ant Man’ and many other Hollywood films; the editor is Kevin Tent, an Academy Award-nominated American film editor and director) The film primarily talks about the wretched lives of a few women from a part of our society, where women are seen as nothing more than a ‘baby-vending-machine’ or a ‘sex-toy’. ‘Parched’ has its share of thought-provoking moments and fun moments; at the end, it leaves you disturbed in spite of its ‘feel-good’ ending.

A ‘must watch’ for people who love such dramas!

– Rahman (


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