@KAASHMORA – Movie Review

After the hat-trick success of ‘Madras’, ‘Komban’ & ‘Thozha’, Actor Karthi has joined hands with Director Gokul for ‘Kaashmora’ – an entertainer that is a blend of ‘Horror’ & ‘Dark Fantasy’ genres. As seen in the trailer, ‘Kaashmora’ is not a historical film or a period film (it is just a small flashback); in contrast, it is a regular masala entertainer which could please the general audience.

The biggest plus point of the film is its hero Karthi who has given his best in the dual roles as Kaashmora and Raj Nayak, and has carried the whole film in his shoulders. His hilarious performance in the pre-interval scene where he gets stuck inside the palace and his acting as the pitiless Raj Nayak in the flashback episode are worth-mentioning! Other than the boring initial 15 minutes and the poorly placed songs that comes from nowhere, the first half is a clean entertainer with a lot of funny moments. Whereas the second half is a big let-down with repetitive scenes, slow paced and uninteresting narration. The whole second half happens inside the palace with a number of yawning moments. The sluggish and dragging 80 minutes in the second half does test the audience’s patient to a great extent; especially, the post-interval scenes and climax portion – the flashback is the saviour of the second half.

Director Gokul has scored very well in his forte – comedy, starting from the introduction of Kaashmora’s family and the idea of ‘milk and egg’, the money-making techniques are told in an enjoyable way. Intentionally or unintentionally, Karthi’s character does remind ‘Rocket Raja’, the screenplay of first half reminds Surya’s ‘Mass’ a lot and the core plot of the film and the flashback has resemblances of ‘Arundhathi’ and ’Magadheera’.

Except the last song in the flashback, all other songs in Santhosh Narayanan’s music are below average (disappointingly, a poor album from SaNa); even the background score was not so impressive. The cinematography, art direction and costume department have done a fantastic job in enhancing the film’s richness. The film has a lot of Computer Graphics involved – the director’s imagination and visuals are too good, the VFX was good in few scenes but looked too hurried at many sequences (including the much hyped war sequences).

On the whole, ‘Kaashmora’ is a worthy commercial film that could satisfy you, if you can bear the draggy second half.


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