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Director R.S.Durai Senthilkumar who directed his first 2 films ‘Ethirneechal’ and ‘Kaakki Sattai’ under Dhanush’s production has directed Dhanush himself in his 3rd directorial venture – ‘Kodi’. ‘Kodi’ is a special film for Dhanush, because it is the first time he is playing dual roles.

Twin-brothers stories are quite common in Tamil cinema, ‘Kodi’ is a story of twins with emotions and action in perfect proportion. The plot that is set-up in political backdrop and the effective backstory about Kodi’s father and Rudhra’s drive from childhood helps us connect to the characters easily. The film has got a good number of class and mass scenes that will be enjoyed by all set of audience. Personally, I enjoyed this film of Dhanush so much after his ‘Velai Illaa Pattadhari’ in 2014. ‘Kodi’ is not a film with great writing, it is just a formulaic entertainer that could hold you for 2+ hours with no boring moments.

The first half of ‘Kodi’ takes its own sweet time for the character establishments and is fairly engrossing. The second half progresses in a steady pace with good twists and turns. The concept of ‘Once a Twin, Always a Twin’ was fresh. The biggest plus point with the screenplay is that the film does not deviate from its plot anywhere, right from the beginning. Even though the narrative style is ordinary in the second half, the director makes sure that the audience are not ahead of the screenplay. In such thrillers, there used to be a mystery about a person, incident or happening in the screenplay which either the protagonist will not know or the audience will not know; a good thriller will make the audience to stay with ‘nail-biting’ tension to know when the suspense will be unrevealed to them or the protagonist. That tension could have been handled better in the second half. Another minus was that the pre-climax and climax portion looked too usual and hasty. I have a question about the climax – ‘How long are we going to see such fight scene in an abandoned mill or forest in the climax?’ Can our writers think of a better way to end action thrillers? Since 1970s till date, the villain calls M.G.R, Rajini, Kamal, Ajith, Vijay, Dhanush and tells ‘Un ammaa / pondaatti ellaarum enkitta dhan irukkaanga… Andha pettiyai eduthuttu udane enga idathukku vaa’.

Dhanush has done a terrific job in both the roles of Kodi & Anbu, leaving no stones unturned – he has given his best in terms of emoting, dance, fight and comedy as usual. Rudhra is a well-written character, a female lead character with grey shades which is rarely seen in our films; taking up such a role itself requires a lot of guts. Kudos, Trisha! Trisha strives to shine as Rudhra and she is convincing in most places, however her acting looked a bit unrealistic in few pivotal scenes. Anupama Parameshwaran looks so pretty and is instantly likable in the small role given; hope she will bag a lot more offers after ‘Kodi’. Director S.A.Chandrasekaran pulls off doing the role of a senior politician with ease. All other actors including Saranya Ponvannan, Kaali Venkat, Marimuthu and Karunas had done their part well. Santhosh Narayanan‘s songs and background score are a great pillar to the film.

On the whole, ‘Kodi’ is a sensible political-drama thriller that has higher chances to become the Diwali winner!


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