@Aanandam – Movie Review

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‘Aanandam’, a campus film directed by debutant Ganesh Raj is something more of a ‘fairy tale’. I call it so because it is a film with a lot of fantasizing moments that would have probably never happened in your life.

‘Aanandam’ takes you on an industrial visit to Goa & Hampi with a gang of engineering students; what we see for 120 minutes are the happenings in the 4 days trip. There are many amiable moments that could take you on a nostalgic trip to your college days, and there are scenes that would make you wonder if such colleges exist anywhere!

The refreshing casting has been the biggest plus point of ‘Aanandam’, which makes the film even more relatable. The first half is full of life with fun and realistic moments. The film stays away from becoming an all-time classic due to the draggy moments and few significant scenes that are too shallow in the second half. There are some over-enthusiastic characters, filmy romances, jokes that aren’t really funny and emotions that doesn’t look so real which makes the second half just average. Also, the second half has a clichéd character played by Renji Panicker and a star cameo which was not great too except the star’s acting. With a consistent writing in the latter half too, ‘Aanandam’ could have been a very special campus film alike ‘Happy Days’. Cinematography by ‘Neram’ & ‘Premam’ fame Anend C. Chandran is spectacularly done, which would make you long for a trip to the magnificently beautiful Hampi. Background score by Sachin Warrier and editing by Abhinav Sunder Nayak are worth-mentioning.

Despite its own ups and downs, ‘Aanandam’ is a revitalising feel-good film that is completely worth your time and money 🙂

– Rahman (www.fb.com/rahman.machinist)


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