DEAR ZINDAGI – Movie Review @DearZindagi

After the extra-ordinary ‘English Vinglish‘, Director Gauri Shinde strikes back with another pleasant feel-good movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. This cannot be called as a soul-stirring movie (may be), but this is of a ‘soul-searching’ type 🙂 The film is full of heart and is highly captivating, despite a number of ignorable flaws ‘Dear Zindagi’ is one of the lovable films of 2016.

The well-etched characters, beautiful conversations, and a lot of endearing moments makes the film special. Simple scenes like the ‘Raghu’ sauce scene in super market, a scene where Kaira breaks out in tears & blames the chilli, the ‘Chair & Relationship’ conversation – such things make ‘Dear Zindagi’ memorable and a film that is close to heart!

The second half is rambling to an extent and stops moving for a while; there are few scenes that makes us feels like ‘enough of this’ (say the dating with musician portions). There are few incoherent scenes and moments which could have been more striking. The therapist sessions are interesting, but still one feels if that is overdone. There is a scene where Kaira explains her problems to her parents, which might remind you of her performance in ‘Highway‘.

Wow, what a performer Alia is…! She solely carries the film herself; her performance is so real and delectable that she even outruns the most charismatic SRK. Getting better by every film and choosing lovely scripts and roles consistently, Alia Bhatt is carving a niche for herself! Shah Rukh’s character and his lively performance adds in a lot of value to the film’s essence. It is delightful seeing SRK in such roles that every one of us loves, after a very long time. The casting for every other role was perfect, Yashaswini Dayama (who was seen in ‘Phobia’ earlier) has delivered a noteworthy performance other than Alia & Shah Rukh. Amit Trivedi and Laxman‘s wonderful work in music and cinematography has contributed to the ‘compelling’ factor of the film 🙂

– Rahman

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