MAAVEERAN KITTU – Movie Review @MaaveeranKittu

Director Suseenthiran is one of those respectable filmmakers in Tamil cinema, who delivers quality entertainers consistently. Other than making his style of action thrillers with enjoyable masala like Naan Mahan Alla and Paandiyanaadu, he often does some memorable films with an artistic touch such as Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Jeeva, Azhagarsaamiyin Kuthirai and Aadhalaal Kadhal Seiveer; Maaveeran Kittu’ is such an attempt that revolves around the real life incidents that happened in Palani district in 1980s.

First things first, Suseenthiran must be appreciated a lot for taking such a bold plot that talks about caste discrimination. The director has tried to be as honest as possible in his process of trying to convey his message to the audience. The film kicks-off perfectly with some intense issues, and is engaging till the interval where everything is fairly engrossing despite a few hiccups here and there. Whereas the second half is a total let-down, except for the moving climax. Disappointingly, most of the scenes in the second half looks like a mere gap-filler; it looked like the whole 2 hours of film was longwinded relying on the climax alone. :/ Except for the climax, I strongly felt that the film must have been titled as ‘Maaveeran Chinnarasu’ – note that Kittu is not even the protagonist here.

The assets of ‘Maaveeran Kittu’ are its central characters and the fresh plot that was untouched in Tamil cinema for quite a long time. There were some excellent dialogues too. The film lost its momentum only by its weak scripting, there are many pivotal scenes that lacks punch. The film was supposed to be inspirational all-through, instead it was predictable and preachy at most instances. 3 or more songs come from nowhere disturbing the story’s flow so much, a couple of them could have been chopped off mercilessly to save the film. One cannot stop wondering why even Soori was needed in this film; that short role could have been played by anyone else.

Parthiepan’s acting was quite inspiring as the leader of the oppressed people. Vishnu Vishal had done a convincing job in the role given, but still he needs to improve a lot in terms of emoting and reactions. Sri Divya comes in a role that has very less scope for her to perform, but she does impress in a number of scenes. D.Imman’s songs were a big plus point for the film, whereas the background score was perfect in some scenes and looked loud at places.

Maaveeran Kittu’ – a film with a noble plot that is let down by a lackluster writing.

– Rahman

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