SAITHAN – Movie Review @Saithan

‘Saithan’ was a tiring watch with so much of yawning moments, that made most of the audience look at their mobiles very often. Inspired from Sujatha’s ‘Aa’ novel, the film began as a good psychological thriller in the first 30 minutes; however, the film lost its pace very soon with an unexciting narration and incoherent scenes.

The interval block and the flashback were quite intriguing, but the screenplay fell flat after that. The second half took a turn as a masala action thriller and the following scenes were infuriating, to say the least. The biggest problem with ‘Saithan’ is that most of the scenes in the film look either artificial or immaturely done; most of the works in terms of scripting and direction looked so conveniently done with no efforts to make it look convincing at all. This had resulted in the audience laughing for some serious scenes too.

‘Saithan’ could be an one-time watch if you do not have any problem with the logic, the terribly slow pace or the repetitiveness of the script; for others, it is not recommendable. One of the most underwhelming films of 2016! :/ Cannot appreciate it as a different attempt because it is a poorly adapted (novel to film) and a half-baked product.

– Rahman (


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