Chennai 600028 II Innings – Movie Review


Watched this sequel last week but I could not afford time to write a review; meanwhile, I happened to watch this film again today and it was still enjoyable and did not bore me anywhere in the second watch too. ‘Chennai 600028 – II Innings’ can be easily called as the best sequel in Tamil cinema in terms of perfection in the character’s continuity and for being seamless in sync with its first part. The film might not be a ‘master-piece’ like the first part, but still the film proves that Director Venkat Prabhu is back in a very good form. He has returned to his forte, what he is best at! Welcome back, VP!!

The film runs for more than 150 minutes, but the director does not let us think about that at all with an engrossing presentation. The audience cheer and whistle for every other character’s introduction and for their signature style acts. Venkat Prabhu must be appreciated for bringing back all the characters of ‘Sharks Team’ with full of life; we are able to relate to each and every one of them, that has been the biggest plus point of this sequel. The way they are introduced (telling about what they have been doing in the last 10 years) and connecting even small dots – say Pazhani marrying Yezhumalai’s sister, the way how the Sports minister character is used, etc., and bringing in new characters like Oor Kavalan, Maruthu without disturbing the essence of the franchise are cleverly done.    

Even though Raghu’s character has been projected like the protagonist in this sequel, it is Karthi’s character which has been show-stealer once again. RJ Shiva has done a fabulous job by keeping the audience in a laughter wave all through the film. Venkat Prabhu’s trademark style of humorous one-liners uttered by him have worked big time – the theatre bursts out in laughter when he says ‘Network illaama photo eduthirukkiyaa nee?’, ‘Bangalore poradhukku munnaadi, yaarum boost saapida maattaanga’, ‘Sachin’ukku mudi vettura orey kaaranathukkaaga, ungalai summaa vidren’ and when he asks his friends ‘Namma team’ukku SHARKS nu yen per vandhuchu theriyumaa?’ and his bowling technique in the semi-finals match to take down a wicket. On performance part, everyone have done their best. Jai and Vaibhav are two actors who have proven their acting capabilities several times, but they could not position themselves in the industry due to poor script selection (in other films); wish they stabilize themselves very soon.

I felt only 2 things as minus in the whole film. First thing was the climax; I felt that the end was so sudden and abrupt, it could have been even more fun-filled in Venkat Prabhu’s style. Second thing was the below average songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja L Except the instantly likable ‘Boys are back’ & ‘Soppana Sundari’ track, all other songs were not even average. Comparing the remarkable songs like ‘Yaaro’ (Love & Friendship version), ‘Natpukkulle’, ‘Saroja Saman Nikkalo’, ‘Vaazhkkaiya Yosingada’ from the first part, this sequel is a very average album definitely. However, the good thing is that the background score is stunning. The enhanced rehashes of BGMs from the prequel, the thumping score for Marudhu’s entry, the remix version of Appu BGM in Semi-finals match for Gopi – undoubtedly, the background score was a top-notch work in all aspects!

On the whole, ‘Chennai 600028 – II Innings’ might not be as magical as the first part, but it is comprehensively amusing. Definitely worth your time and money!

– Rahman

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