Balle Vellaiyathevaa – Movie Review


Director / Actor Sasikumar had two releases earlier in 2016, out of which one was a bearable entertainer (Vetrivel) and another one was a pretty decent flick with sound technicalities and making (Kidaari); his third outing of this year ’Balle Vellaiyathevaa’ which has released today is a rural dramedy that has hardly laughable scenes.

’Balle Vellaiyathevaa’ has some worthy side-splitting here and there, thanks to few of its characters and the premise where the story takes place; but, unfortunately we have a number of dreary moments too. There are many scenes and characters that comes for no reason (we see the hero’s grandfather speaking about his love for television, we see one of the villains talking about his family, we see a lot other characters describing their flashbacks, one of the villain takes revenge of the hero by announcing his love to the village people through his cable TV – all these characters are either confusing or baffling most times and most of them are not well connected to the script and we wonder what value do they add to the film). To be frank, I did not get the point on what was the actual crux of this film, till the very end 😦 Was it just about marrying the heroine? Or about the hero’s interval challenge (which he forgets totally in the second half)? Or what else actually?!

The film does not gain momentum anywhere at all, with a very flat screenplay which has been the biggest minus. Rather than having a proper story, the film moves episodic mostly (where the team’s motive seems to make it a mere hit in C centre alone). Neither there is any interesting conflicts between the characters nor there is a consistency in the writing; over a point of time, we lose patience waiting for any scenes that could make us laugh.

Kovai Sarala tries to save the film to an extent in the second half and Sasikumar also has done his part very well; but all in vain due to the very average writing. After a noteworthy debut in Kidaari, musician Darbuka Siva impresses with his background score once again – the melody number in the second half was good too; if utilised well in good projects, Darbuka Siva can really make it big and become one of the bankable composers! (Speaking about songs, it is high time Sasikumar should stop or reduce his trademark ‘Wannabe-Rajini’ kind of intro songs with full of messages and philosophies).

On the whole, ’Balle Vellaiyathevaa’ is recommendable only if you are so desperate about watching a middling rural comedy movie that guarantees a very minimal time pass only! It is appreciable that Sasikumar is encouraging debut filmmakers and technicians continuously, but he could definitely do much better entertainers easily (at least, something like KIDAARI) 😦

– Rahman

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