‘Bairavaa’ – Movie Review

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After doing ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan’ with Director Bharathan in 2007 which was unsuccessful, ‘Ilaiya Thalapathy’ Vijay has given a chance to Bharathan once again which any hero would hesitate to do. Even many of his fans criticised this decision, but Vijay has done so because of the confidence that he had on the director and his script. Read on to know, if Bharathan has done right justice to the trust that Vijay had on him.

‘Bairavaa’ is a very usual crowd-pleasing entertainer that follows all the tested and tried commercial formula attempting to hold the audience for 160+ minutes. The film revolves around one of the most significant issues in our society – ‘Education being provided as a business, rather than a service’ and the legitimacy of the Educational institution heads. The film speaks a lot in detail on this issue; in fact, no other films have touched this concept at all earlier. Kudos to the team for that. But, unfortunately the presentation has not been that good! :/

‘Bairavaa’ tries to be a commercial package in a ‘run-of-the-mill’ template of beginning the film with an intro song followed by the regular episodes of a comedy scene followed by an action sequence followed by a romance scene followed by a song which is in loop. The director’s intention seems to be noble to deliver an entertainer that speaks about a ‘much needed’ topic, putting forth a lot of thought provoking questions like ‘There is some eligibility criteria to choose an educational course, there is some eligibility criteria to become a teacher, but why there is no such criteria for people who run educational institutions?’ But, this idea of the director weakens when he falls prey for a lot of compromises (this might have been because the director wanted to give a hit somehow this time) and gives in space for lot of convenient writing and slothful filmmaking.

The first half of ‘Bairavaa’ is fairly engaging despite a couple of boring scenes, the cricket fight scene and the interval portion will be a treat to Vijay fans. The second half was also reasonably good until the foreign song appears, but the last 45 minutes to 1 hour was pathetic (except for 1 or 2 good dialogues). The pre-climax and final episodes wanders pointlessly 😦 Every other scene in the film that involves the villain displays nothing but lazy writing (scenes such as the hero making use of Nitrous Oxide to take revenge of the villain were horrible). There were 3, 4 mass scenes in the film that were really enjoyable and there were many good dialogues all through the film such as ‘Oru policekaaran nermaiyaa sambaadhikkura padahakkathai veettula adikki veikkalaam, Kevalamaa sambaadhikkura panathai padhukki kuda veikka mudiyaathu’. There were many other worthy scenes and dialogues that speaks about the sexual abuses on women and the cunning acts of educational institutions.

The whole film lies on the shoulders of Vijay and he has been the biggest saviour of ‘Bairavaa’ (despite the fact that he is not able to save it over a point of time). His energy, charisma, style, speed in the fight sequences and his powerful screen presence is what saves ‘Bairavaa’ from becoming a disaster. The only issues with Vijay in ‘Bairavaa’ was his awkward wig & rainbow-coloured costumes and the most annoying ‘Jilla’, ‘Suraa’ type dialogue modulation in some scenes that were distressing all-through the film. Keerthi Suresh looked pretty in the film, but nothing much to comment on her performance. After a series of worst roles in films like ‘Thaandavam’, ‘Lingaa’ and ‘Kaththi Sandai’, Jagapathi Babu has got an okayish role in his Tamil cinema career. Following ’Kaashmora’, songs by Santhosh Narayanan turned out to be a big disappointment once again; the background score in the action scenes were thumping, however the BGM in other scenes were par below Santhosh’s standards.

On the whole, ‘Bairavaa’ might be a satisfying watch for Vijay’s fans alone; it is a recommendable commercial outing only if you do not have any issues with lethargic writing. Bharathan has failed to do 100% justice to the trust and confidence that Vijay had on him, it is a missed opportunity once again. Due to solo release and festival holidays, the film might be a hit or super hit; but as a product, ‘Bairavaa’ might not be remembered for a long time. An extra-ordinary plot with some good dialogues that had all potential to become a landmark commercial film like ‘Kaththi’ was let down by a weak screenplay (especially in second half), below average songs and meagre comedy portions!

– Rahman

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