‘Khaidi No 150’ – Movie Review @KhaidiNo150

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‘Khaidi No 150’ starring Chiranjeevi is easily one of the worst ever remakes made in recent years. It fails to meet even 10% of the quality of ‘Kaththi’ movie. A film like ‘Kaththi’ do not deserve such disastrous modifications in the script. In fact, ‘Kaththi’ was such a perfectly crafted sensible cinema that had everything to entertain the audience and there was no need for any such changes at all!

At least, the changes made in flashback and Shankar portions are acceptable to an extent. But, beginning the film with an item number song and having an additional comedy track and many other poor changes have made it as a yet another run-of-the-mill Telugu masala cinema. That too, the comedy scenes in which Ali disguises a woman, the comedy scene with the beaten councilor’s brother and the comedies in coin fight scene and even in climax are all unwanted additions that totally reduces the script to a below average quality.

I seriously wonder why all this packaging of item number and over-dosage of comedy is needed when a solid script is in hand and a star like Chiranjeevi is on-board? Claiming that the Telugu audience will enjoy the film and make it a hit with such changes only is a stupid belief, because many good films like ‘Baahubali’ have become blockbusters even without a separate comedy track. Saying that Telugu audience will not enjoy unadulterated products is just insulting their taste for good cinema.

The biggest pluses of ‘Kaththi’ movie were the emotional scenes about the farmers’ plight and the captivating stunt sequences; whereas in ‘Khaidi No 150’, both these have been very poorly executed. The fight sequences tries to prove Sir Issac Newton wrong, on his gravity law. The seriousness of all the emotional scenes are slayed by the forcefully added comedy in every other scene. If at all, V.V.Vinayak & Chiranjeevi wanted to remake a film with so much of masala stuffs, better they could have remade any average films like Theri, Veeram or any mindless masala entertainers like Vedalam or Jilla.

Even Chiranjeevi has not given his best in this film as usual, except for his energy and dance. Starting from the reuse of footages from ‘Kaththi’ movie in many scenes till the pathetic sets in the climax fight, lazy filmmaking and a lethargic attitude in direction is seen all-through the film.

On the whole, ‘Khaidi No 150’ is a below average masala entertainer (contrast to its original) that could delight hard-core Chiranjeevi fans and mindless masala lovers alone.

– Rahman

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