@KAABIL – Movie Review

Am not sure how many of you have watched this Tamil film called ‘Iravu Suriyan’. The film released in the 1990s starring Murali and Kushboo in the lead roles; the story is about a blind guy who takes revenge for his wife who was raped and killed. I watched this Tamil film 20 years back, but Director Sanjay Gupta seems to have watched the film very recently only. ‘Kaabil’ is a film with the same plot exactly. I guess Bollywood also would have witnessed such films before 2 decades itself; but, the sad thing is that even the screenplay and the narration of ‘Kaabil’ is 2 decades old.

We do have seen a lot of commercial films where the weaker one avenges the stronger (such as Aboorva Sagotharargal, I, Thaandavam).  Such stories use to have a very easily predictable screenplay. That too, when the story of ‘Kaabil’ was shown elaborately in trailer itself. Revenge stories get interesting only by how the hero retaliates, that is the most significant part. Whereas in ‘Kaabil’, that has been totally let-down with illogical scenes and a lot of clichéd moments. A meagre script has been very weakly executed. :/

The writer and director have not even strained or put efforts to make this thriller drama look even a bit genuine or enjoyable. There has been so much of convenient writing and ‘taking the audience for granted’ moments; in fact, the scripting team seems to have stopped their thought process over a point of time – limiting the hero’s brilliance to his mimic skills alone (showing him as a dubbing artist already) :/ The film was slow but steady, at least in the first half; once the ‘revenge’ episode starts in the second half, the film becomes a disaster. Neither the villains were great / menacing nor was the hero really brilliant. The songs were below average and the dialogues were poor too; there wasn’t something sound on the technical department to mention either.

Hrithik Roshan’s love for pitiable scripts continues, following ‘Krrish 3’, ‘Bang Bang’ & ‘Mohenjo Daro’ (4 disasters in line in 4 years) 😦  ‘Kaabil’ is worth a skip! I do wonder how did Hrithik Roshan accepted to act in this age-old revenge drama and even produce it, which has nothing impressive literally.

– Rahman

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