@Bogan – Movie Review


Director Lakshman has joined hands with Actor Jayam Ravi for ‘Bogan’, the second time (after the below average ‘Romeo Juliet’ in 2015). Regardless of all the plagiarism issues, the film’s trailer was quite impressive and it did create good expectations that it could be a quirky thriller.

‘Bogan’ revolves around a very unconventional plot where the protagonist and antagonist swaps their souls. Director Lakshman has tried to present a a very interesting entertainer. But, that has not been copiously possible due to a faltering screenplay.

The first 30 minutes of ‘Bogan’ was highly boring, with scenes as in 1990s style where the hero and other cops come together in disguise and sings a song to catch a gang of criminals and a worthless romance episode. The film gets interesting once the core plot begins. The pre-interval scenes and the interval block were so intriguing, setting high expectations over the second half. The second half began very well with good thrill factors, but it lost somewhere in a while with a very convenient and logicless writing. The director had completely lost his control over the audience in the final 40 minutes, where the whole theater was wondering what is happening on the screen. During the end credits, I was wondering what the director is trying to convey by showing that there will be a sequel – ‘Bogan 2’; it looked like it was shown just for the sake of it.

The saviour of ‘Bogan’ is the cat & mouse game between ‘Vikram-Aditya’. Arvind Swamy has been the show-stealer with his exhilarating performance; either it be the body language or dialogue delivery or expressions, he has done a fantabulous job. Jayam Ravi has also delievered a very convincing performance in the role offered, he deserves a pat on the back for attempting different genres and some unalike scripts in every film.

The director must also be appreciated for making sure that the audience are not carried away by this combo’s previous film and are not reminded of ‘Sidharth Abhimanyu’ & ‘Mithran’, where it was almost the same plot of a cat & mouse game between good & evil / a cop & a criminal. The dialogues were very simple and relevant too. On the flip side, Hansika’s acting, her romance episode and the below average songs by D.Imman are the demerits of ‘Bogan’ (however the BGM was good at few scenes). Someone please tell Miss.Hansika Motwani that acting and just standing infront of camera are totally different; she did not even care to put efforts for her lip-sync in the songs and some pivotal scenes.

‘Bogan’ is an extra-ordinary plot with a middling writing, that has been made into an average commercial entertainer. With a better screenplay, this could have been something big like ‘Thani Oruvan’; but now, it is just something like the half-baked ‘Miruthan’. Once watchable for the performances and unusual plot.

– Rahman

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