‘Singam III’ – Movie Review @Si3 @Singam3

After the blockbuster success of ‘Singam’ I & II which were the most profitable films of the year 2010 & 2013 – showering the distributors and theatre owners with highest profits of the year even higher than Super Star’s ‘Endhiran’ & Ulaga Nayagan’s ‘Vishwaroopam’ (I refer to the profits here, not the collection) which released in the same year, Actor Surya & Director Hari’s combo is back with ‘Singam III’ which has hit the screens after several postponements.

‘Singam III’ definitely lives up to the expectations of what an ordinary cinema goer would expect from the ‘Singam’ franchise. There are quite a number of demerits which might make you say it is the most average of all the 3 parts, but still the film does not fails to entertain you for the whole running time despite a few yawning moments.

Director Hari can be appreciated as much as possible for taking a lot of efforts to do research on the current technologies used by Police to trace the criminals, the process and loopholes in law to arrest a high profile VIP and many such things. Wish he had also shown the same level of interest in taking care of the lags in the script at some pivotal points. Hari has continued with his style of dialogues that advices on good and bad things (say the dialogue on woman harassment) which are appreciative; there are some irksomely rhyming lines too. Hari should be praised also for talking about a very important topic – ‘Medical wastes & Electronic wastes’ dumped in India by foreign countries (earlier, we had the 2015 release ‘Porambokku’ dealing with the topic of the dangers of the same).

‘Singam III’ stands as a perfect sequel of its franchise, in terms of connectivity to the previous two parts and some enjoyable references from Durai Singam’s previous cases (say the Sydney airport scene). The first half of ‘Singam III’ is very average, whereas the second half is completely engrossing. The major minus of ‘Singam III’ is that there are only a very few memorable mass scenes or striking confrontation between Durai Singam and his villains (alike Mayil Vaaganam or Bhai & Thangaraj in the previous parts). The hero’s technique of making the local dons believe that he is a corrupted officer, reminds us heavily of Hari’s ‘Saamy’; also, there is a question on how does an astute don like Reddy believe Durai Singam to be corrupted regardless of knowing about his dedication and track record. The character of Shruhihassan and her one-side love is a replica of Hansika’s role in the previous part. But, Hari gives us no time to think about any of this but only keeps us busy with his racy screenplay; that is where he wins every time.

Nevertheless to say, Suriya has been the biggest plus point of ‘Singam III’ and he has done his best as always. His arresting screen presence, dialogue delivery and his dedication in the stunt sequences are all a treat to watch. On the actors’ part, there is no one else other than Suriya who is really worth mentioning. Anushka comes in a very small role and Shruthihassan is seen in an irritating role that has a small scope of helping the script move ahead. Such a film does not need many songs at all, that too below average songs like this. The songs placement, the wearing comedy scenes by Soori, the ear-burning loud background score and every single exasperating scene featuring Shruthihassan are the failings of this masala entertainer. :/

Bearing all the flaws and minuses listed, ‘Singam III’ entertains on the whole! Suriya & Hari has a winner in hand once again, and this franchise is continuing to be a brand that will be celebrated by audience. Another blockbuster on cards! 🙂 (y)

Irrespective of all the flaws, I personally enjoyed a lot seeing Durai Singam back on screen; wish the team continue with this franchise 🙂

– Rahman

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