@Ghazi – Movie Review

‘Ghazi’, the first ever underwater movie in Indian cinema is a spectacular war film! ‘Ghazi’ is all about the obscure sinking of the Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi in 1971. The debut director Sankalp Reddy calls it as a battle between the Indian and Pakistani submarines PNS Ghazi & INS Rajput (says the title ‘the war we don’t know about’).

‘Ghazi’ is a gripping thriller keeping the audience hooked to their seats, thanks to its screenplay that stays so much focused to its plot. What makes ‘Ghazi’ different from other war films and refreshing is, that there are no typical cliches that you see in such films – there isn’t too much of unnecessary patriotic melodrama, no romance episode / songs, no emotional flashbacks and no heroic stunts with cinematic build-ups.

The scripting team has put in a lot of effort to make sure that they make a note of the minute details too and that things are authentic all-through the film right from the art direction that shows the interiors of a submarine. Being the first ever war-at-sea film, it is indeed astounding to see things like how a submarine functions, laying landmines at sea, the pressure deep beneath the sea, the torpedoes firing and many more.

The casting has been a very big plus point. Kay Kay Menon as Captain Rann Vijay Singh has been the show stealer, delivering a sheerly brilliant performance. The handsome hunk Rana Daggubati and the veteran actor Atul Kulkarni have done their part in the best manner possible.

Ignoring a few lags and not being sure about the historical veracity in few scenes, ‘Ghazi’ is a must watch first-of-its-kind war drama! 🙂 (y)

– Rahman

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