@Yaman – Movie Review

Vijay Antony is very well known for choosing off-beat scripts. Following his last film ‘Saithan’ which was a disaster, his recent release ‘Yaman’ is a political thriller directed by his debut director Jeeva Shankar.

Vijay Antony is looking confident film by film, except for the laughable dance movements in songs. The first half of ‘Yaman’ is pretty decent, taking its sweet own time for establishing the pivotal characters. The second half is an out and out political game that depicts the cunning and cruel moves of the politicians to achieve power. Few significant scenes in the film does remind us of films like ‘Pudhupettai’, ‘Saguni’, ‘Amaidhipadai’, etc., The sharp dialogues like ‘Arasiyal la Ethiri ethirey nikka maattaan, Visuvaasi madhiri koodave nippaan’ are a big plus point for ‘Yaman’.

The slow pace, the movie progressing completely serious with not even a sign of any humour and the lengthy sequences are the minus points of ‘Yaman’. There are too many twists in the second half, but almost all of them are predictable. The hero is being shown undefeated right from the beginning and all the villains are shown so weaker; that works against some important scenes in the second half and thereby we lose interest here and there. Almost everyone in the film are either an opportunist or betrayers (except the hero’s grandfather and heroine). Towards the end, we do start feeling bored because we know how the film is going to end.

If the director had strived in terms of writing too, we would have got a memorable political film.

On the whole, ‘Yaman’ is a political thriller that is worth a watch if you don’t have any problem with its pace and predictably. (y)

– Rahman

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