@Split – Movie Review

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is a psychological thriller-horror film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring James McAvoy. The film primarily revolves around Kevin who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) / Multiple personality disorder. Kevin has developed 23 peculiar personalities within himself 😮 because of his painful childhood. Kevin has developed a 24th personality too (calling it ‘The Beast’) which has superhuman strengths and is a cannibal too! The film begins with Kevin abducting 3 teenage girls. What happens to them forms the crux.

Split’ is quite an engaging thriller with some good nail-biting moments. It is definitely a worthy comeback film from Shyamalan. It isn’t a thriller that is only about shocking twists and turns, but it is a much intense film that is mostly conversation-oriented. We have seen a lot of films about ‘split personality’ in the past few decades, but ‘Split’ has meticulously illustrated the mental state of these disorder patients than any other films did.

Kevin’s conversations with his psychologist Dr.Karen Fletcher are the most interesting part of this film. These conversations and the pre-climax episode where Kevin struggles to control his personalities are portrayed very well. The 9 year old Hedwig’s dialogues about the closed / open window and he saying ‘You must be pregnant now’ perfectly describes that personality; same with Barry, Dennis, Hedwig & Patricia. James McAvoy has been fantastic in doing the toughest job among all in this film; his acting has been the soul of ‘Split’. (y) 🙂

This films gets really interesting for the audience when we start understanding the condition of Kevin and about his different personalities and childhood; the film gets clichéd only when the beast starts talking about getting rid of the world from the ‘impure’. The sub-plot of Casey and her childhood flashback also could have been used much efficiently.

– Rahman

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