Dora – Movie Review

*** Mild spoilers ahead ***

‘Dora’ directed by debutante Doss Ramasamy is a horror thriller that follows the routine template, presented in a dreary format. Films with the ‘Spirit in a Car’ plot are nothing new to our audience. Being a revenge drama, the screenplay of ‘Dora’ is something that is beaten to death in Indian cinema. The only suspense that the audience can enjoy in a revenge saga is why a character is yearning for a revenge and how uniquely the revenge scenes are made. Unfortunately, both these things in ‘Dora’ fail miserably to engage the audience. The second half is too flat and wearing, with too many boredom moments. Most of the key moments are highly tiring and clichéd. Over a point of time, the film keeps faltering but does not progress at all.

The idea of interactions with the spirit in the car looks interesting in a few scenes, but that does not last longer. The logic in the revenge scenes has also been taken for granted. The flashback which was supposed to be emotional and impactful, was so dumb and irritating – was there really a need for the ‘child abuse’ portion in this story? Even if the director wanted to show it like ‘a woman seeking justice for another woman’ or if he wanted to make the heart transplantation episode emotional, he could have preferred something else. Also, why was there an unnecessary colouring or grouping of North Indians regarding the burglaries and rapes? Such incidents does happen, but why was that depicted like as if the North Indian Labours are the only one doing it. Another biggest let-down was the dumb scenes that involves the villains, every scene was a face palm moment!

The only saving grace of ‘Dora’ was the screen presence of Nayanthara, the thumping background score by Vivek-Mervin and a few comedy scenes of Thambi Ramaiyah (in the first half alone). Few emotional bonding scenes between the father and daughter in the first half has also been handled neatly. Harish Uthaman has delivered a fair performance, in a character which has a lot of importance in the script until interval but is ultimately squandered towards the end.

‘Dora’ is a lacklustre horror thriller, where Nayanthara is the only hope!

– Rahman

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