Kadugu – Movie Review

After the box office failure of ’10 Enrathukkulla’, Director Vijay Milton has striked back with ‘Kadugu‘ – a film of his style with a simple story presented in a fresh treatment.

What happens when a poor, innocent but extremely righteous guy sees an influential yet good guy letting a brutal thing happen due to circumstances? This is the one-line of ‘Kadugu’, which has been made as a gripping entertainer.

With an ordinary story and scenes that gets predictable at times, Vijay Milton still manages to keep the audience hooked till the end with his formula of presenting unique premises and characters. Right from the beginning, the director takes his sweet time to establish the pivotal characters (be it Pandi or Nambi or Eby) which makes every crucial scene in the later part much more impactful. Some of the scenes in the second half are so intense and disturbing.

The dialogues in the film are sharp and hard-hitting (say ‘Namma naattula 3300 puli dhan irukkaam, naanga mothamey 30 per dhan irukom’, ‘Oru kalai azhiyumbothey, andha kalaignanum sethuranum’, ‘Oru thani manushan sincere ah irukka kooda indha system allow panrathillaella?’, ‘Kettavangalai vida mosamaanavanga yaaru theriyumaa? Thappu nadakkurappo, thatti ketkaama vedikkai paakura nallavanga dhan’, ‘4 peru nammalai eppadi paakuraanga’ngrathu mukkiyamillai, kannaadiyila naama nammalai eppadi paakurom’ngrathu dhan mukkiyam’ and the questions that the school kids ask to god). The dialogues has been the biggest plus point of the film.

Casting Rajakumaran as Puli J Pandi has been a brilliant idea. If it was any other popular actor in that place, the audience might have found it difficult to relate to that character. Rajakumaran must be appreciated for his hard-work to bring out perfection in the ‘Puli Vesham’ dance. He has tried his best to do justification to the role given. It was indeed great to see Barath in such a role that had grey shades. The actor who had proved his potential pretty well in the early stage of his career itself (Chellamey, Kadhal, Veyil, Pattiyal, etc.,) lost his form and market value by choosing a series of disastrous scripts. It is good to see him back in a role where he delivers a sound performance (especially in the interval and post-interval scenes). Wish that he get backs in form! Radhika Prasidhdha as Eby is impressive, yet again after ‘Kuttram Kadithal’. The producer of the film Bharath Seeni also appears in an interesting role as Anirudh. Other supporting actors including A.Venkatesh has done their part convincingly.

The only discomforts with ‘Kadugu’ are the repetitive background score by Anoop Seelin which is annoying over a point of time (almost the same BG score that was used in Goli Soda & 10 Enrathukkulla), few stoned expressions and lip-sync issues with Rajakumaran in some scenes and Nambi reforming immediately after a few moralistic advices by Pandi in the climax. However, the solid script doesn’t let our focus stay on these minor flaws for a long time.

‘Kadugu’ is a recommendable entertainer, definitely worth your time and money! 

– Rahman

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