Kuttram 23 – Movie Review

‘Kuttram 23’ directed by Arivazhagan is an intriguing crime thriller, based on the Rajesh Kumar novel of the same name. The film’s crux deals with the topic of ‘Artificial Insemination’ and on how does the medical advancements are being used to exploit people in the name of ‘Fertility Hospitals’.

The film which begins as a simple investigative thriller circling around a murder in a church, then follows a chain of mysterious suicides ending up in a very big scam. In today’s world where diseases, treatment and medicines are seen just as a business, ‘Kuttram 23’ is a much needed movie. The film doesn’t speak about this topic alone, but also on the mental pressure put on married couples to give birth to a child as earliest as possible. The director should be highly appreciated for putting forth a question about going behind artificial fertility methods rather than adopting one out of the lakhs of homeless / parentless kids in our country.

Director Arivazhagan has been so intelligent on making a perfectly woven medical thriller, without a mass hero and unnecessary buildups; the narration stays focused till the end. The director has been very clear on what his script needs and what could really make it a better product. Even though the romance episode is nothing new or refreshing, we don’t feel bored or uneasy anywhere. On the flip side, the final moments alone looked so rushed once Vettrimaaran finds who is the accused.

Arun Vijay’s looks as a fit cop, his measured performance and arresting screen presence makes us wonder if this ‘handsome hunk’ had chosen scripts like ‘Thadaiyara Thaakka’ & ‘Kuttram 23’ consistently all through his career, he would have been a top actor undoubtedly. Nevertheless to say, he needs to work a lot more on his reactions and expressions in some simple scenes (say the scene where he knows that his sister in law is conceived). The lead female actor Mahima Nambiar, her acting and expressions are indeed a treat to watch; it is she who makes the romance scenes in this film enjoyable to extent (wish that she does many more memorable roles). Arivazhagan’s films are much known for extraordinary visuals and arousing background score – cinematographer Bhaskaran and music director Vishal Chandrasekhar’s work has contributed to it efficiently.

Director Arivazhagan has done perfect justice to the crime thriller novel of Rajesh Kumar. ‘Kuttram 23’ can be called as the second best of Arivazhagan, next to ‘Eeram’. A highly recommendable thriller! 

– Rahman

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