Lion – Movie Review

is an Australian biographical drama directed by Garth Davis, based on the non-fiction book ‘A Long Way Home’.

A five year old boy who was lost from his family, gets adopted by a family in Australia and after 25 years he goes in search for his long lost family. Was he able to find his family, without even knowing his hometown’s name correctly? The protagonist’s attempts in accomplishing the same forms the crux of ‘Lion’ movie.

For films of this genre, the general problem could be it’s typical / predictable screenplay template that is almost the same for every other movie. But, director Garth Davis has been able to overcome it to a great extent by his genuineness in approaching the script and by employing marvelous actors (especially the kids who have acted as Saroo and Guddu).

The scenes of Saroo’s childhood (right from Ganesh Talai to Kolkatta to
Australia) is the most crucial part of ‘Lion’, which has been crafted meticulously. Be it the coal stealing from freight trains, the night time working, Saroo missing his brother, the children snatching at Kolkatta station, the days at orphanage – all the intense moments leave a lasting impact! Even very small things like Saroo’s longing for a Jalebi is very well woven in as a trigger to Saroo many years later to get back in search of his roots.

The only lag in the film is a few stretched scenes involving Saroo’s girlfriend and adopted brother. The pre-climax and the ending are something completely heart-warming. If you are someone quite emotional, the climax might even move you to tears. The reason behind the film’s title ‘Lion’ that is revealed in the end would bring a smile on your face for sure. 

‘Lion’ is a beautifully narrated biopic, with a lot of endearing moments. 

– Rahman

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