Logan – Movie Review

is the third film in the X-Men‘s series that focuses on Wolverine; sadly, it is the last film too.

‘Logan’ is one of the most satisfying Hollywood action films in the recent times for many reasons. No Hollywood action film in the recent time, had such subtle yet intense emotions; the film is a perfect proportion of action and sentiment – there is nothing less or overdone (something in the lines of the director’s earlier masterpiece ‘3:10 to Yuma‘).

The best thing about ‘Logan’ is that the way the director James Mangold chose to make this final film memorable. He didn’t want to make yet another film where the hero’s superpowers makes us go dumbstruck. Instead, here we have the superhero ageing, losing his closed ones & awaiting his death as early it comes.

The film is leisurely paced, but still completely gripping all-through its run-time. If you are a fan of Wolverine, do not miss it at any cost! But, don’t forget to watch the film’s trailer before booking your tickets, to understand what you can expect from this action drama!

– Rahman

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