@Maanagaram – Movie Review

‘Maanagaram’ directed by debutante Lokesh Kanagaraj is an extraordinary thriller that’s been executed impeccably. It is a hyperlink thriller that connects the stories of 4 different individuals, which happens within 48 hours.

‘Maanagaram’ is definitely one of the best thrillers in Tamil cinema in recent times. Be it the characterizations, solid writing, casting, the way the director has brilliantly narrated it, ‘Maanagaram’ scores high on all aspects. The characters are very well written – a youngster who is new to Chennai hating it for everything it has (such as the profanity in streets, the cheatings everywhere right from the begging in the bar for cutting, the omnipresent rowdyism and the rude cops), a Chennai youngster who chooses to be right in his own way, a wannabe gangster and a taxi driver who tries to be much true to his job. The film doesn’t have anything as major flaws or deviations. The dialogues such as ‘Chennai’kku pozhappu thedi vandhu inga kurai sollikitte sambaadhikkura evanum, Chennai’yai gaali pannittu mattum pogave maattan’ are hard-hitting.

The director takes the right amount of time to establish the characters, plot and premise which results in a highly successful suspense build-up (which is most essential for a good thriller). It is indeed a rarity to see films with such complex screenplay to have such a coherent narration and seamless writing. Kudos to the director and team for the same, that is what has helped the film in keeping the audience guessed and tensed till the end. There are a lot of nail-biting moments and exhilarating scenes till the end (especially in the second half). A very big garland to director Lokesh who has given a riveting thriller with no commercial compromise at all! Wishes to the production company ‘Potential Studios’ which has been consistent on choosing quality scripts, which doesn’t embarks on star value or ‘minimum guarantee’ factors alone.

On performance part, both Sundeep Kishan and Sri has done their part very well with no complaints. Ramdoss and Charlie has been the show-stealers of this film, who appear in pivotal roles. Most people in the technical crew including the cinematographer Selvakumar, editor Philomin Raj and music director Javed Riaz are debutantes, who have worked hand in hand to bring out a product with utmost quality.

Undoubtedly, ‘#Maanagaram‘ is a perfectly crafted commercial entertainer that doesn’t falls prey to any templates or compromises.  It is the best of Tamil films in 2017, so far!  A must watch, indeed! 

– Rahman

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