Paambhu Sattai – Movie Review

Paambhu Sattai‘ directed by Adam Dasan is an action thriller that revolves around Counterfeit money mafia and how do they make innocent people fall prey for them. The film has got a very interesting plot that has all potential to be a remarkable entertainer, but is let-down by a poor second half. The director’s intention is noble, to make a commercial film with social responsibility and enlightening the audience with awareness on the fraudulent activities; whereas, he has been only meagerly successful in it.

The first half has some really impressive scenes and there are few though-provoking dialogues all-through the film. The first 40 minutes of the film is invested completely in the romance episode, which seems to be boring over a point of time (there are some scenes in the 1st half that glorifies stalking to a great extent).

Until the interval, the film is well-balanced without losing its focus. However, the second half is faltering mostly with a flat screenplay. With no interesting twists or turns (except for the okayish climax), the scenes are so repetitive and tiring. Adding to it, the irritating ‘kuthu’ song in the post-interval and the overdone slo-mo shots & fight sequences also does test the audience’s patience.

Despite being preachy, the film had some really good dialogues (say the dialogues about the plight of drainage cleaners and Charlie’s advice to his daughter about wasting food, the problems faced by widowers). The director had tried his best not to have any scene or character just for the sake it or out of the script, every character had its importance even though it is a small role (the auto driver, the pregnant lady, etc.,) ‘Paambhu Sattai’ could have been a compelling film, if it had a better writing on the whole; but, the final product here is just bearable.   

Bobby Simha has done a decent job as Dakshana, but he needs to nurture himself a lot in terms of expressions, body language and dialogue delivery; he has played the role of a local Madras guy in the film, but there is no difference in the dialogue modulation or accent from his previous performances (another awkward thing that is too hard to tolerate his wig). Other actors including Keerthy Suresh, Charlie, Muktha Banu, Guru Somasundaram, Rajan has done their part well. Songs and background score by debut composer Ajeesh is worth-mentioning!

– Rahman

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