Take Off – Movie Review

‘Take Off’ is a survival thriller based on the real-life story of the rescue of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in Iraq, when IS militants took over the city (during the country’s civil war in 2014).

Director Mahesh Narayan has given an admirable entertainer with a story based on a real incident, in the backdrop of the ordeal of the Indian nurses and others who go abroad nations in thorny work-conditions just for the sake of their family’s well-being. The film primarily revolves around Sameera (Parvathy), a divorcee.

The first half is full of emotions and family drama, which sets a perfect mood for the solid second half. Being a survival thriller, the film does not fail to keep the audience engrossed on what is going to happen next in the second half. Once the lead characters land at Iraq and the country’s ambience is introduced to us, the director starts cultivating a sense of fear into the audience gradually. Sound design and effects department has done an extraordinary job in the war related scenes, bringing the horrendous battle atmosphere into the cinema hall.

The film tells about what happened behind the screen in this rescue mission – the decisions which could put the hostages’ lives on risks, the impossibilities, uncertainties and the governments’ diplomacies. Even though the film is inspired from true incidents, the plot and some crucial scenes might remind you of films like ‘Roja’, ‘Bombay’ and ‘Airlift’.

Parvathy is the one who carries this film solely; the film belongs to her completely. Her performance is exceptionally immaculate, as usual. Her spotless acting does not let the audience see actress Pravathy even in a single frame, we see the divorcee nurse Sameera only; such a gifted actress – wish that she reaches many more heights. Kunchacko Boban as the loving husband and Fahadh Faasil as the Indian ambassador has done a phenomenal job too. Asif Ali appears in a role that has a lot to deal with misapprehension and resentment inside a family, which he does convincingly. Sanu John Varghese’s cinematography and Gopi Sunder’s background score are a very big plus point for the film.

‘Take Off’ is a striking bio-pic that is not-to-be missed! 

– Rahman

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