Trapped – Movie Review

Trapped’ is another outstanding entertainer from Director Vikramaditya Motwane who has delivered memorable films like ‘Udaan’ & ‘Lootera’ earlier. ‘Trapped’ is a survival thriller that keeps the audience engrossed in most parts.

The film revolves around a youngster who accidentally locks himself in his apartment (which is under construction), and is unable to come out of the apartment for so many days. His struggle & his attempts to come out of the apartment somehow and his survival in the apartment without food, water, electricity, mobile or any communication mode (despite suffering from claustrophobia) forms the crux of the film.

Except for reminding ‘127 Hours’ movie in some significant scenes, I did not have any problem with ‘Trapped’. In a very few minutes the protagonist gets trapped in the apartment, the director make us feel the tension and feeling of that character.

Raj Kumar Rao – it is his acting that gives a lot of life to the script. A wrong choice would have been a misfire spoiling the whole film; it is his character that is carrying the whole film, just like a mono act. The scenes such as where he comes over his fear for rat, putting the bed on fire and seeing it burn happily, killing a pigeon against his principle of love for birds and animals, jumping in excitement like a kid seeing his idea of collecting rainwater work and many other scenes proves Rajkumar’s potential yet again.

There are moments in ‘Trapped’ that makes us feel that the film is slower than it should be, and a few scenes that make us think about the lags in logic. But, the tension about the protagonist’s survival makes us ignore the flaws and keeps us engaged till end

The real thrill factor of the film ‘TRAPPED’ lies in its plot saying that we are loners in these concrete forests, where our presence as an individual could be ignored by most of the vast crowd. The director is highly successful in terrifying the audience, in delivering this subtext note.

– Rahman

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