@Lens – Movie Review

You and your Facebook friend are having a video chat through Skype. What will you do when he says suddenly that he is going to commit suicide and he wants you to see it live? The crux of ‘Lens’ begins with such an intriguing line.

Trailer link —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exmQsRfx3TA

Lens’ directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan is a hostage thriller that deals with the subject of voyeurism. The director has taken a very bold topic as the plot and has presented it as gritty as possible. The film runs for less than 90 minutes and there is no divergence at any point – there are no songs or any unwanted commercial additions. Almost 90% of the film happens inside a room itself, but still there aren’t much boredom moments despite the leisure pace.

Lens’ is an intense thriller that enlightens briefly on how endangering the technology advancements are and the dark cyber crimes happening everywhere around us. There are some hard-hitting moments that tell us on our face blatantly how every one of us are a part of this chain someway or other. There are such thought provoking scenes all-through the film. The scene where Angel holds placards and tells about her is so disturbing!

Dialogues such as ‘Manushan mathavanga munnaadi dhan nadippaan, thannai nallavanaa kaatikka’, ‘Namma asingangalai naama veliye kaatta virumburadhillai’, ‘Idhey oru policekaaran pondaatti’kko avan ponnukko nadandhirundhaa, summaa iruppeengalaa?’ are spot on! G.V.Prakash’s music has been an integral part of the film adding a lot of value, awesome job by him. S.R.Kathir’s work in cinematography is phenomenal!  Jayaprakash Radakrishnan has played the lead role, other than writing, directing and producing the film. Anandsami as Yohan, Aswathy Lal as Angel, Misha Goshal as Swathi have done their part very well. On the flip side, the screenplay is pretty much predictable. And, the lip sync has been an issue since most scenes are dubbed in Tamil (from Malayalam).

Lens’ is an appreciable attempt and a must watch for the Internet freaks. A decent thriller, that is worth your penny. But, not recommendable to watch with your girlfriend or family. Definitely, not for the weak hearts; it could be haunting!

Wishes to Director Vetrimaaran who has been directing, producing and distributing good films like this always! 🙂

– Rahman

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