Pa Paandi @ Power Paandi – Movie Review

‘Simplicity is the ultimate beauty’ – this would be the perfect quote to refer
Pa Paandi‘ movie. It is an outstanding debut from Director Dhanush. An excellent family drama with a lot of heart warming moments and beautiful emotions.

‘Pa Paandi’ is the tale of a retired stunt master who feels that his life has been empty and meaningless after his wife’s death. How does Power Paandi tries to make a change over it makes the crux of the film.

Director Dhanush has attempted to make a feel-good emotional drama, in which he has been tremendously successful. Few minutes into the film, all the pivotal characters are introduced to us distinctively and each of them help the story move ahead. The director has been very honest to his script and there is no deviations from the core plot anywhere. There are one or two boredom moments in the first half, but there isn’t any unwanted characters or scenes at all. Few scenes in first half reminds MANJAPAI movie to an extent (may be because the lead actor is the same), where a honest innocent old man helps everyone but that gets him into trouble.

Being an emotional drama, thank god the director has made sure the film does not get preachy at any point and there is no overdose of drama or any boring dialogues that begins like ‘Vaazhkkai’ngrathu oru…’ Dhanush as a director had known his limits very well about making his film realistic or dramatic to what extent.  Neither the minor flaws nor the leisure pace of the film was a problem at all.

Be it the way how Pandi’s son treats him and how he feels guilty about it later, Pandi’s relationship with his cute grandchildren and his friendship with the boy in neighbourhood, his love in the adolescent age, everything in the film looks so real, authentic and relatable. Another biggest plus point of ‘Pa Paandi’ is it’s wonderful casting; I really found it difficult to pinpoint on anyone as a miscast. Raj Kiran is an admirable actor who is being rarely used of his potential, we see it evidently whenever he does films like ‘Thavamaai Thavamirundhu’, ‘Kireedom’ and ‘Pa Paandi’ – he has been the soul of this film (look out for the scene where he speaks to his son after he is drunk and some other significant scenes in the second half). Everyone including Revathi, Prasanna, Chaaya Singh, Madonna Sebastian, Rinson, that adorable small kid who gets an applause from the audience for every dialogue that he speaks – every other supporting actor has delivered a faultless performance. Velraj has done a commendable job on his part as usual. The background score by Sean Roldan was quite impressive and ‘Paarthen’ song was instantly lovable – his music adds phenomenal value to the film.

After quite a longtime, this is a film that made me feel like if I could travel with the characters for some more time.  If you are someone who could get emotional easily, this film could even push you to tears in one or two scenes. The film speaks about a complicated relationship in the second half; when the audience are waiting to know how the film is going to end, the director gives it a simple, beautiful ending. Such things make ‘Pa Pandi’ lovable, looking past its flaws. 

– Rahman

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