Sakhavu – Movie Review

Sakhavu‘ directed by Sidhartha Siva starring Nivin Pauly is the story of two communist politicians. It is the story of a selfish comrade who makes shortcut plans to achieve power, who later understands what it means to be a real comrade by learning about an inspiring communist leader.

What works in favour of ‘Sakhavu’ are the inspiring flashback and the arousing communism ideologies and slogans all-through the film. What works against the film are its length (very long indeed), the pace and the lags in the script.

The director takes his own sweet time to get into the core plot of the film, where we almost lost interest with too much of comedy that are thrown at us. Even though there are some amusing moments in the first half between Krishna Kumar and Mahesh, it looks overcooked on the whole.

The flashback of Sakhavu Krishnan is highly inspiring with fiery punches like ‘It is not me who is in the dark, but you’, ‘I don’t have any tails as Nair or Namboodhiri like you, but a first name – Sakhavu Krishnan’; in contrast, most of the scenes of Comrade Krishnakumar are unexciting and repetitive (the whole episode happening within the hospital itself is tiresome over a point of time). This is what makes ‘Sakhavu’ less ambitious, despite having a solid writing in the flashback.

Nivin Pauly is evolving as a great performer by every film, which is reassured in ‘Sakahvu’ too – his performance as an old man looks so matured and composed. The performances, music and cinematography are highly value-adding to the script; that is what has kept hold of the audience beyond predictability in some pivotal scenes. Right from the first frame till the end, the film is full of communism thoughts – but it would have been more hard-hitting and an intense experience, if ‘Sakhavu’ was not much dependent on dialogues but the visual story telling.

If the length, pace and the engagement issues in the Krishnakumar episode were taken care, ‘Sakhavu’ would have been even more memorable! 

– Rahman

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