Things that you might not have noticed in ‘BAAHUBALI 2’! :)

Below are few interesting nuances that you might not have noticed while enjoying the visual extravaganza of the majestic Baahubali!

Hope you will enjoy reading it!

1. Both Amarendra Baahubali & Mahendra Baahubali second names are Shivudu


2. Both Amarendra Baahubali & Mahendra Baahubali grew up under different mothers


3. Both Amarendra Baahubali & Mahendra Baahubali fell in love deeply, seeing a woman in action!


4. Shivudu carries a Siva lingam on his shoulders. Amarendra Baahubali’s introduction scene has him pulling a Ganesha statue chariot.


5. Kattappa says that ‘In Kunthala kingdom, the Pindaaris kill people & throw them in water as their time pass’. Amarendra Baahubali kills all of them opening the dam water!

6. Sivagami gifts Bhallala Deva a bow & arrow, using which he can aim at a target up to 1000 feets. At the end, she dies shot by the same bow & arrow.


7. Kumara Varma’s room is full of paintings showing him as a great warrior; in such one painting, he will be holding a guy up in his hands which makes the audience laugh. When he gets courage & the moment he stands up, he lifts a person & throws him! Mass elevation.


8. Amarendra Baahubali’s mother died on his birthday. Mahendra Baahubali’s father died on his birthday. Bhallala Deva’s son Bhadra died on Bhallala Deva’s birthday!

9. Story started with Sivalinga being carried & story ends with Sivalingam being placed below the falls.

10. The title song ‘Oru Yaagam / Oka Praanam’ had every line & every word about Baahubali the Beginning scenes & characterizations clearly explained.

11. Not sure how many of u saw the song ‘Kanna Nee Thoongadaa / Kanna Nidurinchara’ which had some symbolic shots. When Devasena throws flowers on Krishna, flowers from tress fall on Baahubali. When water is poured on the statue, a dove flies splashing water on Baahubali. A devotional song sung by Devasena, with an indirect proposal to Amarendra!

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